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Stunner Baby Magazine is excited about the opportunity once again to feature the brilliant career of American Idol legend, Jennifer Hudson.  A lot has changed since the family tragedy in Ocoof her mother and brother, who were found shot to death in their Chicago home. The body of her 7-year-old nephew was later found in an SUV. Her sister Julia’s estranged ex-husband has been charged with first-degree murder in the killings.Despite the heart-wrenching tragedy, Hudson gained strength as time passed by. Hudson met David Otunga (who appeared as “Punk” from I Love New York 2), a Harvard Law graduate, and the couple became engaged on September 12, 2008, Hudson’s 27th birthday. Otunga accompanied Hudson throughout Spring and Autumn 2008 on various promotional events for her films, as well as debut album. In November 2008, he started training to become a professional wrestler and went on to wrestle for WWE under his real name.

In August 2009, Hudson gave birth of her son which helped her mentally and spiritually the darkest times.  Jennifer Hudson did gain a great deal of weight while she was pregnant with her son, but it was enough to make her stand back and do a double-take when she saw images of herself.

Jennifer Hudson states… “After being pregnant which seems forever… you want your body back.  I realized when I was pregnant I wore these same clothes before I was pregnant. So what went through my mind? I didn’t really like what I looked like in the mirror.  I made up my mind while I was pregnant to get my body back”

Hudson, a former “American Idol” finalist who won a Best Supporting Actress Academy Award for “Dreamgirls,” has lost the baby weight and more, and she says it’s because of her involvement of Weight Watchers — for which she is the new spokeswoman.  Hudson said she has always been happy with her curves but after she gave birth to David Daniel Otunga, Jr. (August 2009) she felt motivated to take control of her body and her eating habits.

Jennifer Hudson has slimmed down to a size 6 from a size 16, overcoming family tragedy and heart ache while winning a Grammy and an Oscar.  Hudson shed 80 pounds through Weight Watchers.  By April 2010 her first Weight Watchers ads were in print and on the air.  In an advertisement for Weight Watchers, the singer and actress Jennifer Hudson says she is ‘a jean size smaller” and “a confidence size bigger.”

As her new 2011 ad as a size-6 hourglass stunner continues to wow onlookers, consider her weight loss journey through the years.  While no one knows how much weight Hudson lost with Weight Watchers, it is apparent that diet and exercise or a lack thereof are major keys to losing, gaining, and maintaining a healthy weight.

Hudson has remade the song Feeling Good for the new ads, which feature her singing the praises of Weight Watchers. The commercial highlights the Weight Watchers regimen, but fails to mention that the Oscar winner also enlisted the help of high profile personal trainer Harley Pastemak for near-daily workouts.

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