Featured Model: Crystal Trini


By Claude Julian | ARCHIVES


Ethnicity: Caribbean/Trinidadian
Hometown: Trinidad and Tobago
Zodiac: Gemini


Stunner Baby Magazine traveled to the beautiful island of Trinidad and Tobago to interview the seductive up-and-comer to the urban modeling industry, Crystal Trini.  Crystal stands a mouth watering 5’8” surrounded by a shapely (34/26/39) honey brown  skin body.  Crystal gives you a multi-package of edgy beauty, sex appeal, and untamed boldness.  Crystal has the “wow factor” when reviewing her images.

SB: How did you start your modeling career?
CT: “I started my modeling career when a very close friend of mine “Trini Buffy” gave me a call card to a photographer who at the time needed fresh looks for a project he was working on in return he would give me my images. Now with all these images at hand, I decided to put my face out there and take it one step at a time.  I worked very hard in getting my body in shape, while I continue my personal training (getting all the experience in front the camera doing rehearsals for my auditions). Basically my eyes were recently opened to my dream that interactions like this creates some positive opportunities for me to grow. I strive to become one of the premier international model talents available. I know I have my work cut out for me. The great thing is I am approaching this chapter of my life with an open and receptive mind, with a desire to experience all legitimate sectors of the industry.”

SB: Wow! Why are you so comfortable with your beautiful body?
CT: “I love, love, love my body and sexuality. I know I am not perfect, but that does not stop me from making love to the camera. Most IMPORTANTLY is to feel comfortable with your body and in your skin. I work with what God has blessed me with. I love displaying multiple looks that unlocks many dimensions of my island sex appeal and bold energy.”

SB: What college did you attend? When not modeling what do you do for a living?
CT: “I didn’t attend college after high school! I am not going to sugar coat it but out of high school, I dove into working to save up for my small business venture. Currently, I am the owner of a small day spa while dabbling in the sexual side of things of selling adult toys, enhancement Pills, and intimate apparel. I must admit it was a tough journey to get there but it just goes to show my dedication. I am a survivor ready to take this industry by storm.”

SB: How do you feel being featured in Stunner Baby Digital Magazine?
CT: “I feel on top of the world, given this unique opportunity to shine in the beautiful World of Stunner Baby Magazine. I can gain the exposure my inner model is screaming to pursue. I’m extremely happy and can’t wait to spread the word on the island.”

SB: What are your favorite music videos?
CT: “I love anything slow, sexy, and seductive R&B music.  I enjoy some classic slow jams from Michael Bolton and Freddie Jackson to name a few.  I love music videos by Usher, J Holiday, Jeremiah, and Trey Songz.”

SB: Tell your fans something they might not know?
CT: “I love being in control but at times love being submissive!”


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Crystal Trini’s Favorites:
Fragrance: Versace Woman
Food(s): Crab-n-dumplings, kallaloo-n-dumplings and some good provision.
Snack: Cadbury pure milk chocolate
Movies: Armageddon, Titanic, Avatar, Fast & Furious 1, 4 and Fast Five.   Books: Any romantic books such as Mills & Boons.
Car: Audi Q7
R&B Artist(s): Usher, Dream, Lloyd, J Holiday, Jeremiah, and R Kelly
Rap Artist(s): Biggie, Tupac, Jay Z, and 50 Cent

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