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By Claude Julian | ARCHIVES


Age: 20
Height: 5’6 (Kelly), 5’7 (Kim)
Measurements: 34C-25-37 (Kelly), 34B-24-36 (Kim)
Ethnicity: Black
Hometown: Ridgefield, CT
Zodiac: Virgo


Stunner Baby Magazine is very excited to unveil the double hotness beauty of the Jones Twins in our special digital May/June issue. Kim and Kelly Jones bring a fresh and exotic approach to the urban game. Just past their 19th birthday, the Jones Twins… Kim 5’7” 34B/24/36/ and Kelly 5’6” 34C/25/37 are chiseled works of art. The Jones Twins deliver a high brand of sassy, alluring, and bold confidence in front of the camera lens.

SB: How would you describe your beauty?
“We would describe our beauty as very exotic. We defiantly have a different look which we think helps us stand out. Not only is beauty physical, but internal beauty is just as important, and that we both possess. Our images are sexy because modeling is truly our passion. When something is your passion, you put everything you’ve got into one and that is what we do at our photo shoots. Implied nude photos, is something that we do limited, depending on the photo.”

Life for the Jones Twins in the urban game is very different, because there are so new. They are still getting their feet wet in the industry and taking some good advice from a lot of respected people in the industry. While others may see this as a disadvantage, they are using this to their advantage. The Jones Twins have had a lot of challenges in their life, but have channeled those hard times in their life as inspiration. High School was quite a challenge, one word… haters! People were always trying to bring them down, and hate on what they were doing, but those experiences motivated them and built their confidence.

SB: How have music videos influenced your style?
“We love music videos! That’s all we put on when we are getting dressed for school in the morning! Music videos are great inspirations, for bigger things we hope to accomplish in our future… We often find ourselves watching them seeing ourselves in the videos! Our favorite music video models are Dolica Bryant and Chanta Patton, probably because they possess a lot of natural beauty (and… not just a fat ass)”. lol

SB: What college do you attend?
“We attend Norwalk Community College in Norwalk CT, and our general studies majors, and we’re hoping on transferring by Fall to a school in New York City, where (Kim) plans on majoring in Psychology, and me in Nursing (or Psychology too), the city would also give us more opportunities in modeling then CT does!!”

SB: Tell your fans something they might not know?
“The main thing we want people to know about us is that we are probably two of the most down to earth people you’ll ever meet. Most people meet us, or think they know us, and think we’re stuck up, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. We’rereally goofy at times and love to laugh and have fun”.

Kim/Kelly Jones’ Favorites:
Fragrance: Versace, Armani Code, Ralph Lauren, and Ed Hardy perfumes
Food(s): Fried chicken, mozzarella sticks, fried fish
Car: Our dream car is a new Audi R8
R&B Artist(s): Ashanti, Max B, Trey Songz
Rap Artist(s): Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne, Drake


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