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By Claude Julian| ARCHIVES


Height: 5’7
Age: Late 20′s
Measurements: 34B-24-34
Ethnicity: Belizean
Zodiac: Leo
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Stunner Baby Magazine is extremely proud and honored to have the alluring, vibrant, intelligent, and incredibly humble “Inga ‘International’ Newson grace our covers a 3rd consecutive year.  Inga stands a mouthwatering 5’7” of total female radiance with an image perfect (34B/24/34) body tagged as one of the top #22 most beautiful urban video models in the world by Video Stunners
 ( )“Hot 66 Hall of Fame.
She is no stranger to the bright lights of celebrity hunks trying every loser-pick-me-up-line  in an attempt to experience any part of her sexy swag.  Dude… Step up your game! I’ve admired “Boss Stunner’s” beauty corporation for a number of years.  Inga is a 5-tool stunner (Intelligence, Allure, Fearless, Top Shelf Beauty and Successful Entrepreneur) that consistently expands her brand marketing.  Inga has appeared in such famed music videos such as Young Jeezy-“Put On”, Ludacris -“Whata Them Girls Like”, Q-Tip – “Vivrant Thing”, and Q-Tip “Breathe & Stop.”
Let’s take a closer look into Inga’s vast career and professional persona.


SB:  How did you get your start in modeling? Where did you grow up? What factors shaped your life?

IN: “I’ve been modeling since childhood. I felt even more passionate about it when I reached junior high and began to pursue it further when modeling scouts came to my school to recruit me. I always stood out in crowds and was always asked to attend auditions and agency meetings. My mother raised me in church and felt that modeling wasn’t suitable for a young girl, and so my movement wasn’t as fast and a lot was delayed. Around this time, I was also considered for television acting roles that I had auditioned for, but didn’t get. There was a very popular TV show that had requested me to be the daughter of their first black family on their long running award-winning show. That was pretty impressive and to this very day, I still think it was an outstanding request. My modeling career continued and picked up when I became old enough to pursue it independently. When I turned eighteen, my mother wasn’t as involved, but she gave advice and extended concern as best as possible. I’m originally from Belize, Central America. I came to the states at nine years old and was raised in Inglewood, California. Being raised catholic with strict morals and values shaped my life, along with struggle, in the process. “ 

SB: Why are your images so bangin’ sexy?  How do you keep your body in such great shape?

IN: “Yes! My images are naturally classy-sexy. I really don’t have an explanation to why they’re sexy, to be quite honest. Personally, if you ask me, I believe they’re not sexy enough all because I could emphasize more on sex appeal to capture more attention, but I chose not to. That’s not what I’m about; instead, I’m about giving a visual that lasts and isn’t limited. To be quite honest, I’m naturally thin and don’t really work out unless I feel I have to. I think toning helps me, if anything. I’m blessed to be naturally slender. I don’t think I could ever get fat, probably just bloated with water retention. And that goes away after a few days of me noticing it [laughs]“

SB: Can you describe your favorite photographers, why do you love their style?

IN: “Truthfully, I don’t really trust just any photographer, because you never know their real intention. A true photographer is focused and doesn’t speak much or get personal during a photo shoot. One that captures your best side profile and meets your eyes with his camera lense halfway is what I like and appreciate. Reviewing a photographer’s portfolio first, is always wise. Photographers portraying any type of nudity aren’t for hire in my eyes, only because that’s not my thing; It’s not what I’m about. If I were to do a nude shoot, it would perhaps be an ad campaign promoting something helpful resembling PETA ads. Please choose your photographers wisely, or else in the end you’ll end up sorry.” 

SB:  What current modeling projects are you working on?

IN: “I’m really feeling capturing magazine covers right now with exclusive interviews. I graced the cover of lit lifestyle magazine (July 2011), which is an online women’s cigar magazine. My interview received such great feedback that I was asked back to re-appear; only this time it’s for the cover of their very first physically printed magazine that will be distributed. I am beyond excited, you just wouldn’t imagine. I’m at the point right now of attracting and landing exclusive cosmetic, hair and beverage contracts. I’m on a totally different lucrative modeling hunt right now that has substance and relevance. Models need to wake up and smell the money brewing. Get off that pretty sh-t and start accepting paid gigs that’s actually worth it. Another thing is, stop working for free. [laughs] I could elaborate more on what all I’m currently working on, but I won’t, I’ll just stop here. Be on the look out for my new campaigns and magazine covers. You’ll be very pleased seeing them.”    

SB: How do you feel to grace the covers of stunner baby magazine for a 3rd time?

IN: ”First, I’d like to thank Stunner Baby Magazine for inviting me back. I just can’t thank you enough for believing in me, allowing me to broadcast my beauty and talent to the world, repeatedly. Your growing empire is beyond any other modeling/media entity I’ve met. Gracing your magazine cover is in comparison to Essence Magazine, in my opinion. Urban branding and spotlighting is lacked in so many ways and that is where Mr. Claude Julian of Stunner Baby Magazine steps in with his honest and helpful interpretation of what it consists of, informing a curious audience that it really exists and that we play a strong part in contributing. I’m beyond ecstatic to re-appear and am extremely grateful, as always. Please invite me back after this.

SB: What advice would you share with new models?
IN: “My best advice is to pursue it with passion. Modeling is a craft that not just anybody is made out for. Only a few are chosen, remember that. A strong portfolio is vital for any newcomer model. Having a strong agent and good management is just as important. Once you have these three things you’re good to go. Another side of advice would be to sustain a good attitude, or else nobody’s gonna wanna deal with you. Try your best not to be black-balled. It’s a very sensitive industry.”

SB: What projects or assignments are you currently working on or planning?

IN: “For those of you that don’t know, I recently launched my hood-preppy clothing line, IngaWood International, which I’m very excited about. I’m also getting ready to launch a UK fashion show to premier the line. Ingawood is available online for purchase at Aside from gracing magazine covers and attracting cosmetic, hair, and apparel and beverage campaigns right now, I’m also working on my music, preparing to shoot my music videos. Got my “G-Spot” single produced by Mr. Payback on iTunes right now, along with the remix by DJJames bond. It’s well-received and I’m very happy about it. I’m featured on a track, “Handz Up” by rap artist, Thump.  I’m collaborating with Ralphy Boy Productions on a club track in the months to come. I’ll be recording and releasing more sexy music real soon, so stay tuned to good things from Inga International.”    

SB: What college did you attend? Major? When not modeling what do you do for a living?

IN: “I attended a community college where I briefly studied TV Broadcast/Journalism and Business Management. Education is key, and without it we’re sort of left behind in society, at least we’re told. My education is incomplete, but someday I’ll complete it when I have nothing but time to invest and focus on nothing but that. Right now just isn’t a good time with all that I have going on.  I certainly want to finish my education in the near future. When I’m not modeling, I run my entertainment company, I International which consists of four divisions; film, television, music, literature. I get a lot done, and am extremely proud of myself to be able to balance a career as talent and hold down an executive position all at the same time.”  

Inga Newson’s Favorites:

Fragrance: Chanel No.5
Food:  Italian, Chinese and Belizean Food
Snacks: Cheese puffs, Soda
Movies: Tom Hanks movies
Vacation Spots: South of France
Cars: Mercedez Benz s550
Book: Hollywood Wives by Jackie Collins


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