Tatted Up: Kristina Divine


By Claude Julian| ARCHIVES


Height: 5’3
Age: 25
Measurements: 34-24-43
Ethnicity: Jamaican
Zodiac: Aquarius
Hometown: Baltimore, MD


Stunner Baby Magazine turns up the red hot sex appeal with the intoxicating curves of urban model Kristina Divine.  Divine and her female dominance are no punks to the urban modeling game as the bombshell’s (34/24/43) kick-ass booty has landed this hottie from Baltimore, Maryland on the cover of the popular Stunnaz Magazine (Sept. 2011).  Divine hails from the sexy island of Jamaica with Trong West Indian bold features of attention grabbing allure.

Stunner Baby Magazine spotted Divine back in 2010 while browsing the pages of ModelMayhem.com, a model and photographer network website.  I was intrigued by her array of bangin’ urban inspired tattoos that surrounded her body with the charm and grace of a 5-star chick.

Divine states, “I believe my images are so sexy because of my dark skinned girly energy and light brown eyes that bring out my best features. I am comfortable with implied nudes and gain confidence to go totally nude if the project is tasteful and worth my time. I am extremely comfortable with my body and in my skin.”

SB: Can you describe the meaning of your tattoos? How long did it take?

KD:“I have 13 tattoos that cover my body like a billboard. My first tattoo is on my left wrist which is my little brother’s name. He is basically like my son and I love him. My next tattoo is on my right hand. I have a rose with my mother’s name so everyone can see how special she is to me. She is my best friend! My mom’s tattoo was done in Baltimore city off Belvedere @ Island City Tattoos by Ray. Ray also designed my tattoo on my lower back which reads “Bad” that’s just what I am a bad B%#ch lol. I have three tattoos done by House at Star Status tattoos on Bel Air Road in Baltimore, Maryland. The first tattoo was a butterfly on my right leg that represents my Aquarius sign with a mini sleeve with two flowers and the word “Divine” showing my dedication to life. Finally the Last House did my many stars on the side of my stomach my newest tattoos.

Then the last tattoo artist that worked on me is Steve of Steve-o Tattoos. Steve did my “KB” on my lower torso which is my initials.  Also, did my Jamaican island tattoo on the back of my right shoulder which shows my heritage. I have a vine with flowers on my left foot, a bird right above my left breast collar bone region that has the word blessed. Behind my left ear a laugh now face with the words est. 1986 which is my birth year. Finally the last two tattoos which were also done by Steve depict a Chinese symbol on my left arm close to my wrist which means LOVE.  My most important tattoo down my left arm is a puzzle piece with the initials of my grandfather.  It represents the year, month and date he passed. This tattoo shows that he is a missing part of my existence!”

SB: What college did you attend? Major?

KD: ”I currently attend Morgan State University… GO BEARS! My major is child psychology.” 

SB: Tell your fans something they might not know?

KD: “I tend to always put people needs before mine all the time, just because I believe if you help others blessings will be returned to you!”

Kristina Divine’s Favorites:
Fragrance: Paris Hilton
Food: Jamaican Food (Stew Peas and Rice).
Snacks: Brownies
Movies:“John Q”, “Talladega Nights”, and “The Other Guys.”
Vacation Spots: Las Vegas, Miami, Jamaica


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