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Baseball Wives 2011 Advertising Shoot

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The reality show machine never stops creating drama in the World of Sports. VH1 has announced Baseball Wives, a new spinoff from its existing Wives family which began with Basketball Wives and expanded to Football Wives and Basketball Wives LA, will premiere on Wednesday, November 30 at 9PM ET/PT. Similar to the other editions in the reality franchise, Baseball Wives will follow women associated with former and current MLB professional baseball players.

Baseball Wives will star Anna Benson, the wife of retired pitcher Kris Benson, who pitched for five MLB teams and retired before the 2011 season; Tanya Grace, the ex-wife of retired Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks player Mark Grace; Brooke Villone, the wife of well-traveled veteran Ron Villone, who has played for 12 different MLB teams; and Chantel Kendall, the ex-wife of current Kansas City Royals player Jason Kendall — all of whom reside in Scottsdale, AZ. Baseball Wives is being produced by Shed Media with Nick Emmerson, Jennifer O’Connell, Alex Demyanenko, Ross Breitenbach, Jeff Olde, Jill Holmes, and Tom Huffman serving as executive producers. Let’s take a closer look into the Baseball Wives personalities.

Anna Benson – Wife of retired pitcher Kris Benson
Former FHM model Anna cemented her “bad girl” status when she told Howard Stern on the air that if her husband Kris decided to cheat on her, she’d sleep with everyone on her hubby’s team, from the owner down to the batboy. Anna is a straight shooter whose frank opinions on a variety of topics raise eyebrows and ire everywhere. A cross between Angelina Jolie and Bill O’Reilly, she has an unapologetic stance on everything from guns to furs (pro on both counts) and beyond. Anna Benson, wife of former pitcher Kris Benson (notes) who got famous by posing in a swimsuit for FHM Magazine and for saying on Howard Stern that she would get revenge on her husband, if he ever cheated on her, by sleeping with every one of his teammates.

“Let’s face it. I’m still the most exciting thing to happen to the Mets since ’86,” said Benson, who probably will steal every scene in which she appears on the show.

“I think ‘piece of work’ is accurate when describing Anna,” Kendall said. “Anna is one of those characters who are really, really bright. Maybe, at times she’s too smart for her own good. Anna has lots of sides to her and that makes her very interesting. There’s not a boring bone in her body.”

Erika Monroe Williams – Wife of retired All-Star 3B Matt Williams
Erika is used to ruling the roost, with power afforded to her in the community of baseball wives as the spouse of one of its most successful players. The former news anchor’s 20,000 square foot home is the perfect place for the top echelon of baseball royalty to socialize. In addition to her three step kids with husband Matt, her daughter Madison is the apple of her eye. The admitted control freak is a fixture in the Scottsdale area society circles, and she still has strong ties to baseball with her husband currently the third-base coach for Arizona.

Chantal Kendall – Ex-wife of Pittsburgh catcher Jason Kendall
A survivor of a fluctuating cycle of wealth and poverty, Chantel has seen it all. She and ex-husband Jason Kendall only recently ended their marriage after a prolonged battle to sort it all out. Prior to meeting her ex-husband, Chantel’s relationships were complicated to say the least. But through it all, she has been a devoted mother and her charming personality and good humor make her a favorite of many other big-league wives. She is now a confidant to many baseball wives, having seen the good, bad, and ugly the lifestyle has to offer. Chantel Kendall said in a recent interview that the Major League Baseball players had an “85 percent” divorce rate. Her own bitter divorce to Jason Kendall (notes) — a major-league catcher for 16 seasons, most recently with the Kansas City Royals — was finalized this past fall. Does divorce mean she’s kicked out of the often close-knit inner circle of baseball spouses? And how is she transitioning into being legally single again? Anybody who tunes into VH-1 to watch “Baseball Wives,” which premieres Wednesday night, is going to find out.

Kendall recently told Big League Stew her ex-husband won’t be a part of the show, though “he’s supportive of his children’s mother.” Their four kids won’t appear, either. The show is set in fabulous and trendy Scottsdale, Ariz. — basically the epicenter of spring training in the state — which gives baseball a chance to at least be part of the scenery.

“After talking about it really thoroughly with my kids, we decided that I’m exposing my life and they’re not exposing theirs,” the 40-year-old Kendall said in a phone interview. Based on the first episode, it was a wise move to leave them out of it.

Tanya Grace – Ex-wife of retired 1B Mark Grace
The eminently likeable Tanya loves to party and is an avid golfer. Tanya was a golf cart girl when she met and married famed baseball player Mark Grace, with whom she had two kids. While she still harbors feelings for Mark, she’s “single all the way” and is looking to find love again elsewhere. Tanya dreams of launching a tee shirt line bearing her own unique slogans, like “I’m Diggin’ Your Chili,” “Just Pullin’ Your Peach,” and “Douchepickles.” Will her sometimes head-scratching homegrown phrases catch on?

Brooke Villone – Wife of relief pitcher Ron Villone
This self-made success started modeling in her teens and was on her own by the age of 18. She says she doesn’t let anything get in her way, despite other women and wives constantly being “capital-J Jealous” of her natural beauty. How committed is this professional model to staying svelte? Brooke lost her “baby fat” after having her first child in mere weeks thanks to her strict adherence to a daily workout schedule.

Jordana Lenz – Dated Milwaukee outfielder Nyjer Morgan
This little bundle of dynamite is a no-frills, partying bartender who got her fill of baseball drama while dating Morgan. After enduring drinks in the face, girls showing up at her apartment, and relentless portrayals in blogs as a “Golddigger”, she saw her romance with the lifestyle undone when she was dumped and the other wives turned their backs on her after the split. She’s excited to be single and dating again, and she already is fielding advances by a number of players. Don’t believe all of the hype in the network promotional kit. Until this fall Jordana lived at home with her ex-police officer mother while commuting to Robert Morris University in Moon Township, PA.

Baseball Wives

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