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by Qiana M | ARCHIVES

From the opening ceremony to the field to the post Olympic parties, athletes and fashion royalty from around the world showed their patriotism to their country with more than just record breaking performances and gold medals.  Some Olympians displayed their pride for their country with their wardrobe capturing the attention of the masses and the media with their fashion forward and flamboyant outfits and hairdos or by making a signature fashion statement through face art, nail art and diamond studded grills. Fashion designers Ralph Lauren, Stella McCartney, Giorgio Armani, Puma/Cedella Marley and Adidas were among the style elite in athletic and high fashion who lent their sense of style to opening ceremony “Parade of Nations” outfits floating around Olympic stadium as well as the uniforms of some of the world’s greatest athletes.

Female Olympians opted for self-expression in the form of their hair, make-up and nails. Variations of country flags, colors and patterns decorated the nails of female athletes around the world. U.S. Tennis superstar Venus Williams rocked red and blue tinged braids while Polish gymnast Marta Pihan Kulesza bedazzled with red and gold glittered plaits to compete for their country. US 400m sprinter DeeDee Trotter decorates her face with gems and what she calls “war paint” and then there’s the quirky synchronized swimming duo of Natalia Ishchenko and Svetlana Romashina whose exaggerated eyelashes, campy eye shadow and Chun Li hairstyle made headlines. The men were not to be outdone with their signature style. US swimmer Ryan Lochte grabbed the spotlight for his lightning speed moves in the pool and crunk red,white and blue diamond studded grille poolside. French Judo champion, Teddy Riner made an ode to old school Hip Hop by having designs cut into his fade.

While the US, Jamaica, The Netherlands, Italy and Korea were upheld for their stylish fashion choices reflecting traits specific to their respective countries, other nations such as Great Britain, Spain and Russia were ridiculed.  Olympic kits by Germany and New Zealand were either hit or miss depending on one’s personal tastes.  The garish gold trimmed white track suits donned British parade participants representing the UK were said to be reminiscent of an “Elvis impersonator.” Russia’s fuschia-red confusing maze like print and 3D lettering was eye catching for all the wrong reasons.  Spain failed at being fashion forward and succeeded at being a red and yellow flame and paisley printed flop.  The preppy, All-American look of Team USA along with the quirky cute Sailor look of Team Korea were among Stunnerbaby Magazine’s favorite looks however it was the chic of The Netherlands and boldness of Jamaica’s team garb that stole our hearts.  Newcomer, Cedella Marley emblazoned Jamaican outfits with bold motifs on a backdrop of the national colors yellow, green and black in cutting edge silhouettes. Design house Suit Supply fused navy and orange with white trimming on blazers and stripes to give the Dutch a classic look with a touch of modern couture.  For the epitome of class, there was Giorgio Armani’s black and white Italian separates – a bit bland yet still timeless, a characteristic Armani fashions are renowned for.

Although athletic prowess is still the main event, the Olympic games is a vehicle for fashion to take center stage as the garments that the world’s top competitors have become just as fashionable as functional.


netherlands-olympic-kit-2012-jpg teamitaly-armani
skorea-olympic-uniforms-2012 german-olympic-uniforms-2012
teddyriner-france-hair marta-pihan-kulesza-polish-glitterplaits
usa-venus-coloredbraids usa-ryanlochte-diamondgrill
russia-natalia-svetlana-hairmakeup jessica-ennis-gbuni-stella
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