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Stunner Baby Magazine is proud to review the fourth installment in the Bourne film series, which is based on Robert Ludlum’s Jason Bourne series. Aaron Cross is a member of Operation Outcome, a U.S. Defense Department black ops program which enhances the physical and mental abilities of field operatives through pills referred to as “chems”. Cross is deployed to Alaska for a training assignment, where he must survive certain activities and traverse rugged terrain to arrive at a remote cabin. The cabin is operated by an exiled Outcome operative, Number Three, who, upon arrival, informs Cross that he broke the previous mission record by two days.Realizing that his superiors have ordered his assassination, Cross removes a tracking device in his thigh and force feeds it to a member of a wolf pack hunting him. A second drone soon kills the wolf, and Byer assumes that Cross has been killed. When a “D-Track” team of CIA assassins attack Shearing at her house, she is rescued by Cross, who convinces her to help him. He saw press coverage about her survival, and sees her as his last link to the chems. Shearing reveals that without his knowledge, Cross has already been genetically modified to retain the physical benefits conferred by the green chems without continuous consumption—a process called “viraling off”—but still requires regular consumption of the blue chems, which improve intelligence.

Cross and Shearing steal a motorcycle, pursued by both the police and LARX-03. After a lengthy chase through the streets and marketplaces of Manila, the police lose them and LARX-03 fatally crashes into a warehouse pillar. Shearing and Cross slide off their damaged motorcycle, and are rescued by a Filipino boatman. They pay him a gold watch (which Cross stole earlier from the chem factory’s supervisor), to take them out of the country. The movie ends as they sail together along the islands of El Nido en route to Vietnam.

In its opening weekend, The Bourne Legacy grossed approximately $38.7 million in the United States and Canada and debuted at #1 of the box office charts, surpassing Universal’s expectation of $35 million. It grossed $46.6 million worldwide in its first weekend. The film sold approximately 400,000 more tickets on its opening weekend than the first film in the series, The Bourne Identity. Studio research reported that audiences were evenly mixed among the sexes. As of October 25, 2012, the film has grossed $112,870,105 in North America and $126,500,000 in foreign countries, bringing the film’s worldwide total to $239,370,105.


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