Featured Model: Erica Cekova


by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES


Height: 5’10 1/2
Age: 24
Ethnicity: Black
Zodiac: Aquarius
Hometown: Chicago, IL


Stunner Baby Magazine is excited to shine the modeling spotlight on up and coming urban models. One model that comes to mind stands a breathtaking 5’10” of caramel brown sex appeal. Chicago’s Erica Ryan Lowe aka Erica Cekova started modeling seven years ago while she was a junior in high school. Cekova, then 17 yrs old, found a fashion show ad that was casting and automatically jumped at the opportunity. After that show,her beauty was scouted for a nightlife magazine that held fashion shows at local Chicago clubs. To her amazement everything has fallen into place ever since then. Cekova is motivated to embark on a successful international runway, print, and acting career. Let’s take a closer look at this sexy model’s drive to success.
SB: What factors build your confidence?
EC: “I’ve had confidence problems due to bring bullied in elementary and high school for not having the expensive clothes or popular friends. I stayed grounded by focusing on my education and the confidence built itself to where it stands today. I look back sometimes and very grateful my mother raised and motivated me to strive for my life goals instead of trying to be Miss Popular School Snob!”

SB: How would you describe your beauty and edgy images?
EC: “My exotic beauty stems from my cultured mixed background on both sides of my family. My images are edgy due to my love of living out of the box, my personality doesn’t have a genre and I think that’s why I’m comfortable with my body.”

SB: Do you have any tattoos?
EC: “I do not have any tattoos but I do have a gem ear piercings. When people ask me do I have tattoos, I love quoting Kim Kardashian, “You wouldn’t put a bumper sticker on a Bentley!”

SB: What college did you attend? Major? When not modeling what do you do for a living?
EC: “I attended the International Academy of Design and Technology where I majored in Fashion Design. In my spare time, I sketch and design clothing for females’ figures and have dabbled in creating handbags as well.”

SB: What are some of your modeling accomplishments?
EC: “I had the pleasure of becoming booked as an international art model in The United Kingdom; The lead voice over for animated Vampire series Diary of V (UK), L.A. Tan calendar model, various ads in and around Chicago metro area and various publications in local magazines.”

SB: What music videos have you appeared? What were you experience like?
EC: “I have appeared in a few Serbian artist music videos and in process of being scheduled in a few local artist music videos coming this year.”

SB: Tell your fans something they might not know?
EC: “I love trashy television such as Maury and Jerry Springer!”

Erica Cekova’s Favorites:
Fragrance: Lady Million
Food: Mexican food
Snacks: Tostitos and pizza rolls
Movies: 40 year Old Virgin, Project X, Shaun of the Dead
Books: ”Pride and Prejudice” and “Wonderland”
Vacation spots: Dominican Republic and Las Vegas.
Cars: Audi TT and Ford Mustang GT
Rap Artists/Music: Waka Flocka, MGK, Old School Rap, Alternative and Rock


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For more of the enchanting Erica Cekova, Visit
www.facebook.com/msericalowe (fanpage)
www.facebook.com/ryanstarr1 (personal)

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