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by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES


Height: 5’8
Age: 27
Measurements: 34C-24-42
Ethnicity: Black
Hometown: Chicago, IL


Stunner Baby Magazine is always at the cutting edge of discovering the up-and-comers whose buzz in the modeling industry has catapulted a rhythm of noted success. We are proud is introduce, Fabulous Fab to our long list of cover girls to grace the cover of the July/August issue – 2013. She caught the eye of the Stunner Baby talent team at last’s year’s 1st Annual Stunner Baby Magazine Swimwear Issue 2012, red carpet affair.

Fab has mesmerizing sex appeal, accented with her almond shaped brown eyes, jaw-dropping curves, and gigantic personality that lights up a room as she walks in. Fab is a coco brown dime-piece that spins a lot of fearless determination into the urban modeling game. To meet her is adore her bubbling personality and megawatt smile!

Fab had a teacher in her freshman year of high school who would call her cover girl every time she walked in, and told her when she got older she would make the cover of a Magazine. Later in her development she was engaged by a close pregnant friend, mho referred her to a photographer that could help build her confidence and photographic direction to attract urban modeling visionaries whom could get her to the next level.


SB: How do you feel to landing your 1st cover with Stunner Baby Magazine?

FAB: “I feel more honored and blessed to have that recognition and embraced black beauty throughout many magazines. Stunner Baby Magazine has always delivered on their promise of assisting in helping me get to the next level. I heard about Stunner Baby Magazine through an amazing person I know who told me about a swimsuit competition and that I should tryout. Being it was the last minute, I went for it anyway, and turned out to be the winner. I look forward in promoting my cover on Facebook, Instagram, and press releases.

SB: What advice would you have for a new model?

FAB: “Never give up, never be discouraged, don’t trust all photographers, be yourself, stay positive and confident in what you do and how you do it.”

SB: Tell your fans something they don’t know about you?

FAB: When it comes to dancing I’ll beat you on the dance floor but still shy to perform in front of people. Kind of weird but true!

Fab’s Favorites:
Fragrance: Paris Hilton & Nicki Minaj!
Food: Mexican & Italian
Snack: Potato chips, ice-cream, and granola bars.
Movie: The Butler
Reality Show: Love & Hip Hop ATL


Photo Credits: Solomon Abrams, Shaun Michaels, Aderon Mothersills, Tocky Compositelogic Bonner, & David Shepard



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