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by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES



Height: 5’5
Age: 30
Measurements: 34-27-36
Ethnicity: Trinidadian/Venezuelan
Hometown: Hollywood, FL


Stunner Baby Magazine is proud and honored to provide opportunities for models to shine on their way to success. In two short months, my team was captivated with the beauty, class, and regal sex appeal of our 1st time cover model, Maria Cee. It only takes a second to look into her alluring Floridian eyes of incredible radiance and “Halle Berry swag” to see why this beauty is on her way to stardom in the modeling and entertainment industry. Maria started her modeling career by answering some crazy ads on Craigslist. She didn’t like the unprofessional experiences, so she stopped. But a few months later she gained confidence by some friendly encouragement by another photographer friend to start back up, and well… She been accepting gigs ever since! Maria thinks her sex appeal and beauty is classic, timeless, and exotic.

SB: What would you consider your sexy attributes that drive your fans crazy?
“I get compared to Halle Berry often, especially when my hair is super short. I’m in the process of growing it out as I would love to create my own distinct style, as well. It’s not like Halle Berry isn’t drop dead gorgeous! It’s an honor to get compared to her all the time.”

SB: What modeling accomplishments have you completed in 2013?
“I got published in L3 Magazine, was featured in a full page print ad back home in Trinidad & Tobago, worked for two large hair clients, as well as got booked by several smaller companies and photographers for personal projects and photo shoots. In other words, I’ve been able to develop my port extensively with the help and support of so many people who have believed in me, so I’d just like to take a moment to thank everyone right now for the opportunities, and keep ’em coming because I plan to continue dedicating time to my passions in life.”

SB: What is the sexiest activity have you participated?
“Ooh ooh! I get to plug my latest passion right now! A few months back, I joined a Burlesque Dance Troupe called TASTE Ladies Burlesque. TASTE is going to be a female empowerment group that is going to show the world just how far some ladies with a passion burning in their hearts and the commitment and drive to create art and beauty can go…so stay tuned! (And if you don’t understand how this is the sexiest activity I’ve participated in, then you’ll just have to see a show!)”


SB: How does it feel to grace the cover of Stunner Baby Magazine? How did your hear about us?
“Are you kidding? It feels awesome! Once again, this goes back to people believing in me, so thank you to everyone who made this possible. I heard about Stunner Baby Magazine over Model Mayhem some time ago, and I even submitted for a contest back then too. I didn’t get it, but I suppose this makes up for it.”

SB: What do you do professionally when not modeling?
“Well, I have a BA in Business, and although I rather commit 100% to the industry it’s a little hard in the beginning. I would know, because I actually managed to do it for 8 months last year, which is amazing for being relatively new to the field. So recently, I accepted work at a hotel to fill the lulls. However, my goal is to work up to full-time working in the fields I’m passionate about, which are so many: dance, acting, modeling, life coaching, writing, health & fitness, etc.”

SB: What advice would you provide to a new model to the modeling game?
“Follow your heart, listen to your intuition and be patient that your hard work and courage will pay off in the end.”

SB: What does it mean to grace the cover of a magazine?  Do you see your modeling career opening up opportunities in radio, television, and reality shows?
MC: “Being on the cover of a magazine let’s others in the industry know you’re serious and out there working at making it. It also lets people know that you have a certain pull or at least a fire that draws others to you, so yes, I believe it can open more doors for a model.”

SB: What college did you attend? Major?
MC: “I attended an obscure but very cool and unique college called Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa. I graduated with a BA in Business and worked in the business field in various different jobs for about 6 years before deciding to be serious about pursuing something, I am actually passionate about.”

SB: Who are some of your favorite photographers that you’ve worked with?
MC: “I’d say Amore Imaging, Prestige Studio MIAMI, and 40Rock Photography are my top three. They were all easy to work with, professional and respectful, and I love their final product.”

Maria Cee Favorites:
Fragrances: Rogue by Rihanna
Snacks:Hummus and Chips
Charities: Animals, Environmental
Cars: Tesla


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