Coverstory: Sahara Simone

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by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES

Sahara Simone

Sahara Simone


Height: 5’2
Age: 31
Measurements: 38D-27-40
Ethnicity: Black
Hometown: Chicago, IL


Chicago’s Sahara Simone is a seven time cover model, spokesperson, and columnist for Stunner Baby Magazine. In 2008, Simone was discovered while attending a casting call for an urban magazine. Upon her introduction, our team noticed that she resembled our sassy Stunner Baby logo. The cartoon logo depicts a sassy, attractive, and confident young female wearing flip-flops. Simone loves wearing flip-flops in the summer and had a pair on at the casting call before changing into some sexy heels.  This inspirational experience motivated, Claude Julian (Founder/CEO), to transform the SB logo into an actual person to represent, Stunner Baby’s brand. 

Simone has appeared in a two page spread for the 1st Annual Stunner Baby Magazine Swimwear Issue (2012). She also graced the cover of Stunner Baby Magazine with R&B crooner Bobby V (Blu Kolla Dreams/Capital/EMI) special edition, “Is He a Ladies Man?” Her other appearances include a lingerie spread in Skin Tones Magazine  (2009) and Thick Academy (2013.)   From 2011-13, Simone conducted model interviews for Stunner Baby TV special “Making of Stunner Baby Magazine” and celebrity judging for the “Stunner of the Year Cover Model Tour ” sponsored by Hurricane High Gravity’s Anheuser-Busch companies (2008-09) in Miami, Florida. She appeared in Chicago’s Mass Hysteria’s music video “So Amazin” (2011).

SB: What are your favorite moments during Christmas?
SS: “I really enjoy looking into my 2 year-old daughter’s (Milan Julian) eyes when she opens all her toys and computer games. She is an extremely bright little girl that loves to talk, laugh, and navigate her computer tablet. It makes you feel like you are on top of your parenting responsibilities.”

SB: What would you consider your sexy attributes that drive your fans crazy?
SS: “Believe it or not, I have a total of 33 tattoos with 27 small stars flow down the back of my neck. Now, I feel my butterfly wings on my breasts and my eyes really drive my fans crazy.”

SB: How would you describe your exotic beauty and sex appeal?
SS: “A lot of people notice my sassy personality, shapely body, and Asian eyes. It seems that, I do have some Asian decent in my crazy family tree.”

SB: What type of cell phone or tab are you representing? What do you love about your phone or tablet technology?
SS: “I am the owner of the Sprint Galaxy 3 & Sprint Galaxy tab to feed my appetite for social media, current events, and the latest sales opportunities. I work closely with my little girl on educational games to assist in challenging her mind.”

SB: What is the sexiest thing you have done during the Christmas holidays?
SS: “For the past five years, I have graced the Christmas covers for Stunner Baby Magazine. My fashion direction is either lingerie, implied nudes, or something that represents classic sex appeal. I am very comfortable with my body and have a fearless approach in taking my images to the next level.”

Sahara Simone Favorites:
Fragrance: Chanel No. 5, Candy
Food: Mexican & Soul Food
Snacks: Nacho & Cheese, Strawberry Sorbet, Gummy Bears, Sunflower seeds.
Vacation Spots: Miami, Cancun, Vegas, L.A.
Car: Nissan Juke
Celebrities: Khloe Kardashian, Sisqo, Tyrese, Michael Ealy, Beyonce, Jay-Z.
Sexiest Body Part: Breasts


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