Featured Model: Gotti B

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by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES


Height: 5’6
Age: 26
Measurements: 34-27-36
Ethnicity: Black, Italian, French
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA


Gotti B, aka Marie Gotti, is no stranger to driving the fellas crazy. The Midwest native with the sexiest eyes and luscious “bubblebut” this side of the west coast is already making her mark as an internet sensation and successful promotional model. Stunnerbaby Magazine caught up with the exotic LA girl on her quest to dominate music and modeling to fill us in on her aspirations and why her unique looks create hits.

SB: How has your modeling career progressed over the past year?
GB: “I am appearing as a cover girl for Succosso magazine and editorial spread in “Designer Original” magazine. I landed promotional modeling gigs with Bikini Sillas and Veronica Goss.

SB: What are your sexiest attributes?
GB: “I think my sexiest attributes would be my eyes, long legs and my bubble butt. My eyes drive my male fans crazy, so they say!”

SB: How do you feel being featured in Stunner Baby Magazine?
GB: “I’m honored to be featured in Stunner Baby magazine, definitely since I am a Midwest native. I feel I can bring something new and tasteful to Stunnerbaby and its viewers with my unique look. I will be spreading the word through social media, friends and family. You can check me out on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I would love to land a spot on the cover..!! I know I can direct a lot of traffic to Stunnerbaby!!”

SB: What advice would you give to a model starting her career?
GB: “My advice to those wanting to start a career in modeling is first decide which direction you plan on going, whether its urban, fashion, runway or commercial. It is important to find a known photographer who’s willing to submit your work. Make sure never give up!!”

SB: What can you tell your fans that they don’t know?
GB: “For those who don’t know me, I am an aspiring rapper, singer, songwriter, dancer and hip hop choreographer, so keep a look out for me. I am currently working on a project now with Kid Sean!”

Gotti B Favorites:
Food: Soul Food & Barbeque
Snack:  Rolos
Fragrance: Tommy Girl
Exotic cars: McLaren, Bugatti and Aston Martin.
Reality Show: “Top Gear”
Vacation spots: Dubai, Paris, and the islands such as the Bahamas.
Movies: “Superbadd”, “Crooklyn”,” Scarface” , Michael Jackson and Johnny Depp movies



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