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Height: 5′4
Measurements: 36D-28-36
Age: 23
Hometown: Miami, FL
Ethnicity: Cuban


Ay que linda! Raven-haired newcomer, Miss Naty if your nasty, makes her modeling debut as one of three of our scandalous featured models. From managing finances to her emerging modeling career, this busty Cuban cutie is on her grind. Don’t let her sweet smile fool you! One look into her pretty brown eyes and you know Miss Naty means business!

SBM: How did you start your modeling career? How would you describe your sexy appeal and
MN: “I started back in 2007 when I was only 16 years old in International Model School where I  took a lot of classes on how to be the perfect model.”

SBM: What would you consider your sexy attributes that drive your fans crazy? What was your
sexiest activity that you’ve participated as a model?
NS: “My sexiest attributes are my breast and legs. They definitely get a lot of attention. I am naturally curvy and after all I am Cuban. I watch what I eat and I am very active to keep my figure in top form.”

SBM: What modeling accomplishments have you completed in 2014?
NS: “I have done several photo shoots that have prepared me for modeling opportunities. Several of my images have been submitted to different magazines.”

SBM: What music video, television, film projects have you’ve participated?
MN: “I am looking forward to be in music, videos and television in the near future.”

SB: How does it feel to be featured in Stunner Baby Magazine? How did you hear about us?
MN: “I am very honored and excited to be featured in one of my favorite magazines. Not only does it feature beautiful and stunning women from around the world, it also keep you informed with the entertainment and film industries.”

SBM: What do you do professionally when not modeling?
MN: “I work at a car dealership as a finance manager.”

SBM: What advice would you provide to a new model to the modeling game?
MN: “The advice that I gave to young models is to stay humble and work hard because this business is not only for fun, it’s a lot of hard work.”

SBM: What does it mean to grace the pages of Stunner Baby Magazine? Do you see your modeling
career opening up opportunities in radio, television, and reality shows?
MN: “To grace the pages of Stunner Baby Magazine it would be an honor and the key to my  professional career in this industry. I would hope that it will take me to the greater heights and open the door for opportunities in radio or television.”

SBM: Who are some of your favorite photographers that you’ve worked?
MN: “I have worked with several photographers such as Edelio Martinez, Iliana Alvarez but I must say that my favorite photographer because of his creativity, patience and sense of humor is Enrique Romero.”

SBM: How would you use social media to drive traffic to your interview and notify your fans that
follow your career?
MN: “I have Instagram, Facebook and everything in between plus I see and meet a lot of customers on daily basis.”

Miss Naty Favorites:

Fragrance: Chanel
Food: Steak
Snacks: Fresh fruit
Movie: “The Fault In Our Stars”
Vacation spot: Hawaii
Celebrity: Angelina Jolie
Sports: Basketball
Reality Show: “Sabado Gigante”
Animals: Dogs, Horses


(Photo Credit: Enrique Romero Photography)

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