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Height: 5′11
Measurements: 36C-32-40
Age: 23
Hometown: Tampa, FL
Ethnicity: Black


She’s a BRICKHOUSE! Stunnerbaby Magazine welcomes statesque Glamazon Miss R3dd to our line-up of stunners.  This 5’11 tattoo queen with legs for days and an ample backside, is just as known for her kind heart as she is for her infamous 36C-32-40 curves. Never one to be afraid to step outside of her comfort zone, the Tampa native and licensed cosmetologist is just as invested in seducing the camera as she is in bringing out the best in others. With her smooth milk chocolate complexion, seductive gaze and a commanding presence that makes you stand up and take notice, expect Miss R3dd to saunteer her way onto a small screen near you. Grab your remote, “Life with Miss R3dd” has only just begun!

SBM: How did you start your modeling career? How would you describe your sexy appeal and
MR: “I was always told I should because of my height and appearance. I went to John Casablanca for their program (waste of time and money) and now I’m just freelancing.”

SBM: What would you consider your sexy attributes that drive your fans crazy? What was your
sexiest activity that you’ve participated as a model?
MR: “I think besides my long legs, my real SUPPORTERS know that my I have a good heart and genuinely want to help everybody. That’s what makes someone sexy to me — looks good and has a good heart. My sexiest activity? I did a foot fetish scene once LOL. I kinda liked it too LOL.”

SBM: What modeling accomplishments have you completed in 2014?
MR: “This year (2014) has been a rough year for me, so I would say the fact that I decided to actually get back into this on my own is a big accomplishment.”

SBM: What music video, television, film projects have you’ve participated?
MR: “I was recently working with my friend on her documentary on suicide, but I have no idea what happened with production.”

SBM: How does it feel to be featured in Stunner Baby Magazine? How did you hear about us?
MR: “I am grateful and accomplished. Can I add this to my list of accomplishment? Since coming home I’ve had one photographer (Enrique Romero) who has worked especially hard on getting me published. I wouldn’t be here at SBM without him.”


Mizz R3dd (Enrique Romero Photography)

SBM: What do you do professionally when not modeling?
MR: “I am a licensed cosmetologist, so I am always looking up new styles and colors to try on my clients.”

SBM: What advice would you provide to a new model to the modeling game?
MR: “It’s more to it than just snapping pictures. You’re going to have to invest in yourself and most important don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.”

SBM: What does it mean to grace the pages of Stunner Baby Magazine? Do you see your modeling
career opening up opportunities in radio, television, and reality shows?
MR: “I am really hoping it just opens up doors everywhere for me. Reality TV would be cool. I always say I need a TV show but I would like to be well known and stable not really famous so I can help my family.”

SBM: Who are some of your favorite photographers that you’ve worked?
MR: “My favorite has been Enrique.  He was the first person I worked with when I came home.  He made me so comfortable and he has been helping to get me published. He is a great support.”

SBM: How would you use social media to drive traffic to your interview and notify your fans that
follow your career?
MR: “I love using the most random #hashtags on my pictures so you find my pics in things that have nothing to do with the tag LOL. I also have a small team that retweets my posts to get them out there.”

Mizz R3dd Favorites:

Fragrance: Joop for Men, Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds
Food: Junk food
Snacks: Cookies
Movie: “Love & Basketball”
Vacation spot: Jamaica
Celebrity: Lil Wayne, Trina, Nicki Minaj and Beyonce
Sports: Basketball, football, swimming
Reality Show: “Love and Hip Hop”, “Bad Girls Club”
Animals: Dogs


(Photo Credit: Enrique Romero Photography)

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