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Height: 5′6
Measurements: 34B-27-36
Age: 26
Hometown: Miami, FL
Ethnicity: Cuban, Spanish, French


There are three words that come to mind when describing the alluring melting pot that is Yesi Doll — Sexy yet classy. Of Cuban, Spanish and French descent, Yesi is one beautifully exotic package wrapped around a petite 34B-27-36 curves that entices the eye while leaving something to the imagination. Growing up she was nicknamed “Barbie Doll” by former classmates however, when it comes to acting and modeling, Yesi does not toy around. The accomplished songstress, actress and model is very serious about her career, giving back her time and efforts to help animals and her community. With philanthropy this sexy, we are dying to know how we can get involved!

SB: Where did you get your stage name Yesi Doll from? What does it mean?
YD: “My birth name is Yesenia Sanchez but my stage name is Yesi Doll. Growing up, my classmates called me “Barbie Doll” because they said I look like an American blond doll. Yesi means beauty and grace in Greek. When you put the two together, you have Yesi Doll.”

SB: How did you get started modeling?
YD: “When I was only five years old, my mom entered me into beauty pageant competitions. When I started winning beauty pageants, it lead to modeling in fashion shows, doing commercials, shoots for high end fashion, commercial clothing brands and so much more. It really started taking off when I was discovered by an agent at a event sponsored by Amor, 106.7 FM (a Spanish radio station) in Miami.”

SB: We understand you are multi-talented in other areas of entertainment. Tell us about your other talents.
YD: “Well around the time I began modeling, I started dancing. Since I was six, I was always moving to a beat.  I’ve learned everything from Flamenco, Salsa, Ballroom, Ballet to Jazz, Tap, Tango, Samba, Hip hop and even Competitive Cheerleading. Anything related to dance, I was doing from TV appearances to dancing at various shows and events.  In middle school, I discovered my singing voice and wound up singing with my school’s chorus. My mom always instilled in me the importance of education so it was imperative that I maintain a superb GPA and make my family very proud.  In high school, besides cheering with the BGSH Cheer Squad, I was also a part of the dancing and colorguard group called the ‘Dazzlers.'”  After high school graduation, I began dancing and modeling professionally which brought me in contact with many celebrities that booked me to be a part of their models and dancers on stage, in their music videos, in concert and or at events. It was great modeling and dancing however I missed singing so when I turned 21 I began writing my own lyrics and music with my good friend, Carlos Hurtado.”

SB: What are some of your acting and modeling accomplishments you are proud of?
YD: “I got my start acting by appearing on the wildly popular Spanish soap opera, “Telemundo” back in 2010 and have continued to act, dance and model ever since. In 2012, I was blessed with landing roles on “The Glades” and “Burn Notice” on A&E and then started landing roles in the comedies of “El Show De Fernando” on the Spanish channel, Mega TV. I’ve also been fortunate enough to act in lots of commercials as well as nationwide and international by cable satellite.”


Yesi Doll (Javier Zamora Photography)

SB: Tell us about the cause you are passionate about. Why animals?
“Because animals are the most in need. They need us as much as we need them. We can not only provide for them but they can also provide for us and most importantly we can learn from them. Especially how to love unconditionally like dogs in particular. Everyone should have owned or own a dog at least once in their life. Not only are they amazing creatures that give unconditional love. There’s also lots of homeless dogs out there. I always say to people ‘Adopt, don’t shop.'”

SB: When you are not acting, modeling or singing, what are you doing?
YD: “I’m very big on spending time with friends and family. Outside of God and my two dogs, they are very important to me. It is also very important that I give back to my community and pay it forward. When I’m not acting or modeling, I spend most of my time rescuing animals and attending charity events.”

Yesi’s biggest dream is not only to become a great famous actress/model but most importantly stay humble, keep helping the community and make a better tomorrow, one step at a time for a better world with the help of God and the great support of friends and family! 

SB: Tell your fans something they may not know about you.
YD: “My two show dogs Kiara (seven year old Yorkie) and Mia aka Mini Diva Mia (three year old Chow) have careers in acting and modeling as well. They do everything from photo shoots to fashion shows, TV commercials and TV shows. They’re definitely on their way to stardom.”


For more of the exotic Yesi Doll, visit

http://www.modelmayhem.com/Yesi Doll

(Photo Credit: Enrique Romero Photography, Javier Zamora Photography)

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