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by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES



Height: 5′
Measurements: 32-24-36
Age: 28
Hometown: New Jersey
Ethnicity: Cuban/Black


Stunner Baby Magazine is proud to ignite our Hotsauce feature by introducing Redhead Barbie, a fiery hot petite firecracker model with “shapely curves” of mesmerizing sex appeal. Barbie started her modeling at the tender age of 18. She was receiving messages from random photographers who vibe off her soft edge look. Barbie beauty is very striking standing a mouthwatering 5” ft. tall with an alluring sexy body (32/24/36) accented by cardinal red hair. She is fearless in expressing her sexuality with edgy exhibitions of soft erotic intimacy acts of female pleasure. Her entertainment interest is right down the hall from the porn stars of today!

SB: What modeling accomplishments have you completed in 2013-14?
RB: “I’ve done so much from being published in magazines, to CD covers, walk through in clubs, being an invited guest at a club along side two well known porn stars … Wow the list is quite impressive. I feel that everything, I’ve done to even having a two second cameo is a big deal! At the end of the day how many models can say they got their name shouted out on the radio!”

SB: What is the sexiest activity have you participated?
RB: “Great question! I did a photo shoot with a pretty young lady that involved cake and ice cream. Boy! That sounds really sticky and it was but the end results … Well worth it.”

SB: How does it feel to be featured in Stunner Baby Magazine? How did you hear about us?
RB: “I’m EXCITED and feel honored to be apart of your magazine! My photographer
Enrique Romero is really doing his work. Unlike a lot of photographers who do nothing
with there craft but let it sit on a hard drive. So thanks Enrique Romero for being the best photographer ever!” Muah xoxo

SB: What type of cell phone or tablet are you representing? What do you love about your phone or tablet technology?
RB: “Team iPhone 5c in Pink which they made it I’m RED!! I can’t say I love it because once you miss a back-up and it get missing everything’s gone and I hate that I have to rely on it for so much information. But other than that everything I need is right at my finger tips!!”

SB: What advice would you provide to a new model to the modeling game?
RB: “Walk around with your mouths shut and ears open with humbleness! Be that girl that
everybody wants to work with… Look at me!!! Who doesn’t want to know REDHEAD BARBIE!!”

SB: Have you been featured in a music video? Who was the artist? What did you experience?
RB: “I have been featured in a lot of music videos I just did two in the past week that aren’t out
but my latest one I think is Young Banks ft Laia Tiffany “Control Me.” It was a very sexy and some what intimate a lot of touching and kissing great chemistry type of work. I had a blast!”

Redhead Barbie Favorites:
Fragrances: Heat by Beyoncé, Minajesty by Nicki Minaj
Food: Sushi
Snack: Almonds, dried cranberries, yogurt covered pretzels
Vacation Spot: Dominican Republic
Sports: Basketball, football
Cars: Nissan 350z, Challenger
Celebrities: Ashanti, Tyra Banks
Charity: March of Dimes
Animal: Dogs



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