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by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES

Stunner Baby Magazine is thrilled to provide an insightful observation into Nicki Minaj’s exclusive Spring/Summer 2014 Kmart fashion collection. Minaj definitely geared her fashion vision toward the singer’s Harajuku Barbie fans and reflects her personal style of fitted, in-your-face prints and hues however the preview gave me a broader picture of the line. To my surprise, more than a few of the garments are wearable for women of all styles. Minaj’s line includes fashion, accessories, and houseware.

Minaj comes out  the gate swinging with her taste for ultra-sexy, body-conscious garments for her Spring/Summer 2014 collection, fueling her desire to “shop her way.”  The Barbie-obsessed rap superstar is all about showing off her curves and celebrates them with a sophomore collection filled with the bold prints, like graffiti, galaxy, and chain link, and vibrant colors she loves and is known for.

Nicki Minaj’s Kmart Spring/Summer 2014 Collection transforms a fashion vibe of short dresses and flirty skirts, pants and leggings with matching tops that’ll feel like second skin in addition to very sexy shorts, chic, super stylish separates and midriff-baring cropped tops, jackets and blazers. Standout details include lace inserts, cut outs, gold-tone studs, and her trademark “BARBZ.” Her collection features looks for the girl who wants to look sexy in sweat suits at the gym and in dresses at the hipster clubs.





Nicki Minaj states while growing up her home life was often chaotic, with her parents constantly fighting. As a means of escape, she would create characters and live her life through them, saying, “To get away from all their fighting, I would imagine being a new person. ‘Cookie’ was my first identity – that stayed with me for a while. I went on to ‘Harajuku Barbie,’ then ‘Nicki Minaj’. Fantasy was my reality.”

The Nicki Minaj Spring/Summer Collection is available at 500 Kmart locations nationwide and Shop-Your-Way Rewards members can follow Nicki at to acquire a greater visual perspective of her fashions.

I want women to understand that price tags do not define fashion. I designed this collection with a goal in mind to make women feel confident, comfortable and sexy. If women can capture all three of those things when they look in the mirror, then I fell like I have reached my goal. This was an exciting opportunity for me and I am thrilled by how the line came together,” Nicki Minaj revealed.

Minaj is the first and only female rapper to be featured on Forbes’s Hip Hop Cash Kings list. She made her first appearance on the list in (2011), having earned $6.5 million from (May 2010 to May 2011). In 2012, she ranked at No. 8 on the list, having earned $15.5 million from (May 2011 to May 2012).  Minaj further rose on the list in 2013, ranking at No. 4, being behind P Diddy, Jay-Z and Dr. Dre, with total earnings of $29 million, from (June 2012 to June 2013).




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