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Hotsauce: Starr Joy

By | Feb 07, 2014

by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES STARR JOY STATS:  Height: 5'3 Measurements: 34D-26-36 Age: 22 Hometown: Augusta, GA Ethnicity: Black SOMETHING ABOUT STARR JOY SB: How did you start your modeling career? How would you describe your sexy appeal and beauty? SJ: "I started my modeling ca...


Letter From The Editor: Martin vs Incognito Bullying

By | Dec 06, 2013

by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES This is one of the most bizarre hazing antics rocking both the Miami Dolphins and National Football League. The two players at the forefront of this sinister story are Stanford graduate Jonathan Martin and problematic NFL bully Richie Incognito. On October 28, 2013,...

K. Michelle

Stunner Music: K.Michelle

By | Dec 06, 2013

by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES Stunner Baby Magazine prides itself on spotlighting the R&B divas that rock the hit charts of musical excellence. ”Love & Hip Hop” may have brought K. Michelle to the table, but the singer is set to start another chapter.  K. Michelle displays the new...

Maria Cee

Hotsauce: Maria Cee

By | Dec 06, 2013

by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES MARIA CEE STATS Height: 5’5 Age: 30 Measurements: 34-27-36 Ethnicity: Trinidadian Hometown: Hollywood, FL SOMETHING ABOUT MARIA CEE What's just as good as an island getaway? An island beauty as stunning as the beaches and waters of the Caribbean. One ...


Featured Model: Tiffiny Currie

By | Dec 06, 2013

by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES TIFFINY CURRIE STATS Height: 5’2 Age: 23 Measurements: 34D-30-34 Ethnicity: Black, Dominican Hometown: Chicago, IL SOMETHING ABOUT TIFFINY CURRIE Just in time for Christmas, luscious Tiffiny Currie blesses us with her presence. The pint sized cutie is k...

Vanessa Nicole  Coverstory 
September/October 2013

Coverstory: Vanessa Nicole

By | Oct 04, 2013

by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES VANESSA NICOLE STATS Height: 5’6 Age: 21 Measurements: 36C-25-35 Ethnicity: Black, Dominican, Puerto Rican Hometown: Chicago, IL SOMETHING ABOUT VANESSA NICOLE Spicy Vanessa Nicole is no stranger to our pages or to blazing photo shoots for various urba...

Chicago Gang Violence Memorial

Letter From The Editor: Chicago Gang Violence

By | Oct 04, 2013

by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES In the many years that I have lived in the Chicago area never have Black on Black crime reach such epic proportion. What in the hell would motivate any young black person to shoot to kill? Our communities are shackled in a web of fear, despair, poverty, and sheer i...

Melissa Mixon

Featured Model: Melissa Mixon

By | Oct 04, 2013

by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES MELISSA MIXON STATS Height: 5’5 Age: 30 Measurements: 34-27-36 Ethnicity: Trinidadian Hometown: Hollywood, FL SOMETHING ABOUT MELISSA MIXON Sassy Melissa Mixon is a 5'2 petite dynamo wrapped in a creamy complected bow.  The savvy business woman turned ...

Chanel Adair

Featured Model: Chanel Adair

By | Oct 04, 2013

by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES CHANEL ADAIR STATS Height: 5’7 Age: 26 Measurements: 36C-32-40 Ethnicity: Black, Italian, French Hometown: San Francisco, CA SOMETHING ABOUT CHANEL ADAIR You may have seen her at a promotional event in the Bay Area  but if you're not familiar with Go...


Coverstory: Fab

By | Aug 02, 2013

by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES FAB STATS Height: 5’8 Age: 27 Measurements: 34C-24-42 Ethnicity: Black Hometown: Chicago, IL SOMETHING ABOUT FAB Stunner Baby Magazine is always at the cutting edge of discovering the up-and-comers whose buzz in the modeling industry has catapulted a rhy...

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