Coverstory: Sahara Simone


by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES


Height: 5’2
Age: 29
Measurements: 36D-27-38
Ethnicity: Black
Zodiac: Virgo
Hometown: Chicago, IL


Stunner Baby Magazine is excited to turn up the holiday cheer and spirited celebration.  Sahara Simone aka Mz. Stunner Baby graces us with her sex appeal across the cover of our “Christmas Swag” issue.  Sahara stands a feisty 5’2” of “grown woman” (36D/27/38) proportions to melt any snowy Christmas Eve.

The cover girl recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl (Milan Julian, daughter of CEO & Editor Claude Julian) Sahara worked at a fever pace to lose enough weight to slide her body into a red sexy Santa’s helper bad girl suit. She is no stranger to appearing on Stunner Baby Magazine covers and this issue marks the 3rd Christmas issue since her stardom climb three short years ago. Sahara was discovered at a model casting call wearing her signature flip flops and sassy attitude to captivate, Claude Julian of Stunner Baby Magazine. She completed a concept that launched the Stunner Baby Magazine brand.

To know her is to love her! Sahara has a tremendous sense of humor that will have you laughing to tears. She is determined to continue to pursue her dreams of staying unique in the urban modeling industry. Let’s take a closer look into the First Lady of Stunner Baby Magazine!

SB: What advice would you give to new models?
“It’s wise to come into this industry with an open mind, smart awareness, and stay humble. Stay taking camera phone pictures and invest into a few quality photographers that can jump start your career. Please don’t act like you know everything because trust me “Boo” you don’t!”

SB: Why are your images so sexy? What drives you to success?
“I really love feeling free to keep my bold attitude and risk taking persona. I enjoy what I am doing from a model’s perspective and the models that I motivate.”

SB: How is your baby girl? I heard she stops traffic at the mall with her beauty!
: “She is my little doll. Milan is a very happy, playful, and adventurous baby. She creates quite a scene when we take her to the mall, shopping, or out to eat. People always compliment her pretty eyes, bubbly personality, and radiant beauty. Milan has a lot of bold confidence like her daddy. Man! Time is flying by as she approaches her 1st birthday.”

SB: Why do you love reality show and drama?
SS: “I really love drama but don’t care for drama in my personal life. I love the personal conflicts and mounting drama that occurs in such reality shows as Love & Hop Hip, Basketball Wives, Jersey Shores, and Bad Girls Club.”

SB: What goals do you have for 2012?
“I am looking to finish my certification as a bartender, complete my driver’s license, buy a car, and attend cosmetology school.”

SB: How does it feel to grace for a 3rd time, the cover of Stunner Baby Magazine?
SS: “I love everything about being on the cover for Stunner Baby Magazine. That’s my home where I first started. I am very involved with all the planning, selection of models, and providing support, honesty, and encouragement to my grown ass man who runs Stunner Baby Magazine.”

SB: Tell us something we don’t know?
“I love watching the Animal Channel all day! I have a great fear of bugs, dogs, cats, or anything that’s not a car, and attend cosmetology school.”

Do you need some more Sahara Simone? Please visit her social media.

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