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Tatted Up: Elaina Christina

by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES ELAINA CHRISTINA STATS Height: 5’9 Age: 23 Measurements: 34C-24-34 Ethnicity: Mixed Zodiac: Hometown: Ft. Lauderdale, FL SOMETHING ABOUT ELAINA CHRISTINA Stunner Baby Magazine is excited to interview the alluring, exotic, and honey appeal driven Elaina Christina. The South Floridian beauty stands a slender 5’9” with hot curves (34C/24/35) of sonic [...]

Tatted Up: Mz.Trouble

by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES MZ.TROUBLE STATS Height:  5’8 Age: 22 Measurements:34B-29-45 Ethnicity:Black Zodiac:Unknown Hometown:St.Louis, MO SOMETHING ABOUT MZ.TROUBLE Stunner Baby Magazine is excited to unveil the flammable sex appeal of a 12-alarm urban model by the name of Mz Trouble.  You need to call the St. Louis Fire Department when this hot stunner walks [...]

Tatted Up: Nitya Belle

by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES NITYA BELLE STATS Height: 5’8 Age: 24 Measurements: 32DD-28-38 Ethnicity: Black Zodiac: Aries Hometown:Chicago, IL SOMETHING ABOUT NITYA BELLE Stunner Baby Magazine is very excited to continue our focus and reality perspective of some of the sexiest tattoo models in the urban modeling industry. We set our sights on the [...]

Tatted Up: Kristina Divine

By Claude Julian| ARCHIVES KRISTINA DIVINE STATS Height: 5’3 Age: 25 Measurements: 34-24-43 Ethnicity: Jamaican Zodiac: Aquarius Hometown: Baltimore, MD SOMETHING ABOUT KRISTINA DIVINE Stunner Baby Magazine turns up the red hot sex appeal with the intoxicating curves of urban model Kristina Divine.  Divine and her female dominance are no punks to the urban modeling game as [...]

Tatted Up: Tasha Nyomi

By Claude Julian | ARCHIVES TASHA NYOMI’S STATS Age:24 Height:5’5 Measurements:36C/28/32 Ethnicity: Puerto Rican, Black, Filipino Hometown: Orlando, FL Zodiac: Libra SOMETHING ABOUT TASHA NYOMI Stunner Baby Magazine took a trip to the beautiful city of Orlando, Florida to interview the beautiful and captivating Tasha Nyomi.   Tasha stands a sexy 5’5” with an insane (36C/28/32) [...]

Tatted Up: Energy

By Claude Julian | ARCHIVES ENERGY’S STATS Age:24 Height:5’5 Measurements:34C/28/43 Ethnicity: Black Hometown: London/Kent, England (UK) Zodiac: Libra SOMETHING ABOUT ENERGY Stunner Baby Magazine is very proud to spotlight the colorful, sexy, curvy, and voluptuous swagga of Energy aka Joanne Alexander.  This ice cream vanilla brown 7-tattooed bombshell stands 5’5” with sick curves (34C/28/43) making [...]

Tatted Up: Renee Matthews

By Claude Julian | ARCHIVES RENEE MATTHEWS STATS Age:19 Height:5’8 Measurements:34D-27-34 Ethnicity: Caucasian Hometown: Richmond, VA Zodiac: N/A SOMETHING ABOUT RENEE MATTHEWS Stunner Baby Magazine turns up the heat on our next tattoo hottie Renee Matthews burning up the pages of stunner baby digital magazine. Renee Matthews stands a sultry 5’8” with killer-sexy-hot curves (34D/27/34) [...]

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