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In a bold move into the reality show drama yet another storyline unveils the raw emotions of Hollywood Exces whom ignited the spark behind their celebrity A-list husbands. Welcome aboard VH1′s newest reality TV show, “Hollywood Exes,” where former spouses of megastars who have divorced and moved on talk about their lives after being shadows to their ex-husbands in the limelight. Almost like a first wives club, the cast includes Nicole Murphy, Sheree Fletcher, Jessica Canseco, Andrea Kelly and Mayte Garcia who have all moved on from their previous relationships to bigger and better things.

Hollywood Exes dives into the most emotional moments of five  beautiful and somewhat fragile women who were once married to some of the entertainment and sports industry’s most notable men. The show stars Nicole Murphy (former wife of comedian/actor Eddie Murphy), Andrea Kelly (former wife of R&B singer/songwriter R.Kelly), Jessica Canseco (former wife of retired baseball superstar Jose Canseco), Mayte Garcia (former wife of pop icon Prince) and Sheree Fletcher (former wife of music artist/ A-List actor/producer Will Smith).  Recently divorced from multi-platinum crooner R.Kelly, Andrea Kelly struggles to crawl out from under his shadow and find an identity while carving out a niche for herself in LA’s competitive and elite dance scene. Most people had no idea R. Kelly and Andrea were even married and it was this act of isolation that up until recently trapped his Andrea in the dungeon of broken dreams of a world-renowned owner of a top notch dance studio empire. Nicole Murphy is so damn beautiful! A mesmerizing beauty trying to recapture her dream as a supermodel and embarking on a lavish new branding campaign to jump start her bold new jewelry business. Sheree Fletcher is a confident diva who is driven by her spiritual values and bold in-your-face fixation for success in Hollywood’s fragrance industry. Mayte Garcia is a very sensitive woman with deep sadness for the loss of her only child to a real disease. Jessica Canseco is an uninhibited girlfriend who doesn’t bite her tongue to any topic be it sex, diet, marriage or family. Nothing is off limits to this valley-girl eye candy! The interests, personalities and backgrounds of this gang of divas alone make for must see TV. Lights! Camera! Action!

Let’s take a look at the cast of Hollywood Exces:

Andrea Kelly was married to R. Kelly in 1996 after choreographing his tour “12 Play.” The couple had two daughters and a son together before divorcing in 2009. Nowadays, Kelly works as a choreographer and fitness instructor.

Formerly married to Eddie Murphy, Nicole Murphy (maiden name Mitchell) met her husband in 1988 at an NAACAP Image Awards after-party. The couple was married for 12-and-a-half years with five children after a ceremony at the Plaza Hotel in New York City in 1993.The couple divorced in 2006 citing “irreconcilable differences.” While Eddie Murphy moved on to date former Spice Girl Melanie Brown and married Tracey Edmonds in 2008, Nicole Murphy is currently engaged to Michael Strahan and is re-launching her modeling career.

Sheree Fletcher was married to Will Smith after meeting on the set of “A Different World” when her friend reportedly gave Smith her phone number. The couple married in 1992 and has one son together, Willard Christopher Smith III. Smith and Fletcher divorced in 1995, two years before Smith remarried to actress Jada Pinkett. Sheree Fletcher married Terrell Fletcher, a former football player who is now a pastor.

Jessica Canseco met former husband Jose Canseco (Star ex-Major League Baseball Player) when she was a waitress at a Cleveland Hooters. They were married for four years and have a daughter together, who is now 15-years-old. The two had a tumultuous relationship after he was arrested in 1997 for hitting Jessica. In 1998, he pled no contest and received one year of probation. Jessica Canseco now owns and operates a cosmetic and medical tattooing business in Beverly Hills.

A former backup dancer, Mayte Garcia met her ex-husband Prince in 1990 during the European “Diamonds and Pearls” tour. Fifteen years her senior, Garcia married Prince in 1996 and became pregnant two months later. However, the couple’s son died a week after his birth from a rare skull defect. Divorced in 2000, Garcia dated Tommy Lee for two years but broke off the relationship. Mayte Garcia still works as a dancer and lives with her mother and 13 pets.

Daphne Wayans is reportedly the next high-profile ex-wife to be joining the cast of VH1′s “Hollywood Exes,” and Keenan Ivory Wayans’ ex has already been spotted out with the cast. TMZ is reporting that the former wife of the “In Living Color” and “Scary Movie” star will sign on for the show’s next season. The couple was married for three years, and they have five children together. Wayans was recently filmed outside of a Los Angeles restaurant with “Hollywood Exes” stars Drea Kelly, Matye Garcia and Sheree Fletcher. She claimed on camera that the ladies are her “besties,” and that it would “make sense” for her to join for Season 2.


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Hollywood Exes – Andrea Kelly

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