Bonus: Reality of Fashion


by Qiana M

Nowadays the rise of a reality star doesn’t just end in 15 minutes of fame. Often times such as in the case of “Jersey Shore” reality star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi and “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, “Kourtney and Kim Take New York” reality stars Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian, their often scripted reality extends to endorsement deals ranging from apparel to perfume to lingerie to slippers and make-up. The profitability of a half an hour or hour of drama filled, tantrum throwing, bully riddled reality TV is skyrocketing at not so alarming rates and everyone from well known to lesser known reality starts are cashing in.

Self proclaimed fashion lover and matriarch of “Basketball Wives LA” Jackie Christie is one of the “new kids on the block” in terms of reality celebrities turned designers joining cast mate video vixen, Draya Michele who launched her bikini line Mint Swimwear last year on the show.  Mint’s collection of tropical hued tie dye bikinis have already been a hit among fans of the show and the buxom, doe eyed beauty’s personal fanbase. So much so that Draya is trying her hand at apparel again this time taking to Instagram to announce and pre promote her apparel line of logo emblazed tees, sweatshirts and skull caps under the catchy moniker F.A.G.S (Fine Ass Girls). The social mediaverse is already abuzz with the Winter 2012 launch.  With the support of her fellow cast members (Draya Michele, Malaysia Prago, Gloria Govan and Laura Govan) who also walked the runway, Jackie debut her line, The Jackie Christie Collection, at New York Fashion Week to mixed reviews.

“Being at NY Fashion Week is a lifelong dream! But I do it for the people.” Christie gushed.

Following in their sisters’ fashionable footsteps, the youngest members of the Kardashian clan, Kylie and Kendall Jenner are set to launch their own apparel line for teens consisting of cropped tops, sweat pants, dresses, tees and collared shirts. Although inspired by the combination of glamour, bohemian and rocker chic looks of their older more famous siblings, the young fashionistas who have already penned a monthly fashion column in Seventeen magazine and walked in New York Fashion Week, are excited to launch a junior collection all their own.

“Everyone always talks about how much they love our style, so we took some of our favorite pieces from our closets and made them our own,” Kylie revealed to People Magazine on the set of the photo shoot. The youthful collection is slated for a February 2013 launch and is a collaboration between the Jenner sisters and Pac Sun.

Remember Mr. J and Jay Manuel from America’s Next Top Model? Well apparently the masculine half of the colorful duo is making a splash into the world of fashion as a fashion designer and lending his eye for style to his version of ready to wear garments for women through Sears Canada. The affordable avant guarde line of women’s tailored suits, blouses, tops, skirts, and outerwear is a mixture of smart and sexy with a hint of nostalgic lady like chic. The former judge famous for the styling behind ANTM’s most creative and memorable photo shoots for 18 cycles brings sophisticated luxury and textures from 60s and 70s fashion.

“I’m thrilled to be working with Sears Canada to make fashion accessible for all women who love to be beautiful!  Throughout my career I’ve traveled the world, working with designers and creative visionaries in the fashion business, learning the art of women’s design. A good fit and draping fabric was something I learned at an early age, as my grandfather was a respected tailor. The time is right to return home to Canada and bring all my worldly inspirations to a fashion line that empowers women.”

Whether its youthful fun, fashion forward vintage, trendy in your face, or eclectic chic you are seeking, the reality of fashion is stylish and boasts every facet of style for the fashion obsessed.


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