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by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES


Height: 5’8
Age: 21
Ethnicity: Mexican/Spanish
Zodiac: Pisces
Hometown: Northlake, IL


Stunner Baby Magazine turns up the heat on our 2012 Christmas issue featuring the unique and jaw dropping sex appeal of the  spicy Mexican/Spaniard beauty called Abby.  She stands a mouthwatering 5’8” with dangerous curves (34B/33/38) of piping hot sexual energy. Abby started modeling in 2009. After graduation from high school she had a few photo shoots but I didn’t really do much because she didn’t have a manager or connections in the modeling industry. In 2010, she joined a small movement called K.T.F meaning Know The Future, which was a group of talented young adults that rap, sang, or modeled.  This young group helped build her confidence and drive for greater success.  Let’s take a closer look at the Stunning Abby Solis!

SB: How would you describe your exotic beauty?
“THANK YOU SO MUCH! I like to be creative with my look and keep myself from looking like everyone else. I try to dress not so much like what’s in style but dress like how I feel and how good it looks. Being Mexican and Spaniard is a rare mix and you rarely meet a lot of women with that kind of mix.  Every model needs to be comfortable with their body, my body isn’t like a playboy model but I got a nice little body, love to show it off and not ashamed of it, I love my body so why not show it.

SB: What is the meaning of your tattoos? Who were the artists?
AS:  “I currently have 5 tattoos and still counting lol But my first tattoo that I got when I was 18, which is 3 small stars on my inner right foot really doesn’t have a meaning I just got it because I really wanted a tattoo. The second tattoo is a horse with a wing on my left ankle and I got that simply because I LOVE horses! Horses are my favorite animals walking on earth =] my third tattoo is the biggest tattoo I have. Which is on my right thigh, I told my tattoo artist Derrick Richard to draw something big for me and include stars and he came up with the tattoo that I have now. My fourth and fifth tattoos are my name (Abigail) in Chinese symbols and on top of it are my zodiac sign (Pisces) and two Hibiscus flowers representing my parents that created me.”

SB: What college did you attend? Major? When not modeling what do you do for a living?
AS: “I attended Lincoln College and went for my Associates Degree in Criminal Justice, right now I took a semester off but I will get back to it next semester at Triton College and finish what I started. When I’m not modeling I love to hang out with friends and family, go shopping of course, go out to the clubs and bars have some me time and also work.”

SB: What are some of your modeling accomplishments?
AS: “I had the pleasure of being a liquor brand ambassador/ promotional model for Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey, appear in a music video for Dance Floor Junkies, and participating in a few fashion shows throughout Chicago.”

SB: What music videos have you appeared? What was your experience like?
AS: “I have appeared in one music video for Chicago artists Dance Floor Junkies Hit Single “Louder.”  My experience doing the video definitely had its ups and downs. I enjoyed myself pretty much however it also opened my eyes because one of the other models was very stuck up and had a very bad attitude. Still till this day I can’t see how people would want to work with a model like that but other than that it was pretty enjoyable and looking forward to working with more artists out here.”

SB: How does it feel to be featured for Stunner Baby Magazine? How will you promote your feature?
AS: “It is an AMAZING feeling to be featured in Stunner Baby Magazine! I’m actually quiet speechless because this will be my first time being in a magazine and getting published! So I’m shocked and honored and want thank you all for the amazing opportunity. I will promote my feature through social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and my Instagram. I will also promote it verbally at work or when I am out networking and promoting!

Abby Solis’ Favorites:
Fragrance: Victoria’s Secret Dream Angels Divine and Bath n Body Works Paris Amour
Food: Chinese Food and Lasagna
Movies: Flicka, Secretariat, Black Beauty, Lion King, and all Bring It On
Book: James Patterson books
Snack: Krunchy Kurlz
Car:  Jaguar
Vacation Spot: California
R&B/Rap Artists: Usher, Trey Songz, and Chris Brown


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