Featured Model: J Sparks


by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES


Height: 5’5
Age: 20
Measurements: 33B-23-28
Ethnicity: Black
Zodiac: Aquarius
Hometown: Chicago, IL


Stunner Baby Magazine finally had an opportunity to interview Chicago’s own J Sparks.  Sparks is a rich caramel glazed hottie that brings visual hotness along with  (32B/23/28) curves.  She started modeling in June 2010 right after she graduated out of high school. Sparks always wanted to be a fashion model since she was 11 years old.  All throughout elementary school, junior high and high school she was teased for the way she looked as well as her obsession with wanting to be a model. I was this skinny, boney girl that wore glasses and XL uniform shirts. I either wasn’t cute enough or “thick” enough. After graduating from high school, she made a promise to prove everyone wrong and become model. 

SB: Why are you images so sexy?  How do you keep your body in such great shape?

JS:  “I really think it’s the way my body is shaped. I have a weird shape. LOL. On days when I’m not at school or doing a photo shoot; I’m working out. I do leg exercises to keep them toned. I work a lot on Abs crunches to keep my tummy slim and sexy! I drink lots of grapefruit juice. It’s known to help slim down stomachs which is good because I also eat up everything in my fridge. I’m a junk food freak!””

SB: Can you describe the meaning of your tattoos?

JS:  ”I got my first tattoo on my right upper arm which is my government name “Crystal”; I got the tattoo when I was 17 years old. My sisters were getting their name tatted on them so I did not want to be the lame one in the crowd. I went ahead and got mine done too. My next tattoo is my 5 rainbow stars on my right foot. I’m bisexual and I am a huge Gay Rights supporter. I’ve had a few girlfriends in my past so I decided to get 5 stars tattooed on my foot with the rainbow colors in each star.  It was the most painful thing I’ve ever had to go through.”

SB: What current modeling projects are you working on?

JS: As of now I’m more of promoter. I help other females get modeling gigs and I host photo shoot contest.”

SB: How did you hear about Stunner Baby Magazine?

JS: ”I had a friend who was featured in the magazine and she told me to submit myself so I did.””

SB: What college did you attend? Major? When you not modeling what do you do for a living?

JS: “I attend Harold Washington College and my major is Marketing Commutations. I work as a supervisor at AMC movie theaters.”

J Spark’s Favorites:
Fragrance: Bath and Body Works Japanese Bloom
Food(s): Spaghetti, Pizza, Asparagus, French Fries
Snack: Twinkies, Skittles, Air Heads
Movies: “The Fifth Element”, “Twilight” saga
Rap Artists: Big Sean
R&B Artists: Trey Songz

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