Coverstory: Jany Delgado

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by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES


Height: 5’4
Age: 24
Measurements: 34B-27-40
Ethnicity: Cuban
Hometown: Miami, FL


Stunner Baby Magazine is thrilled to announce that, Miami’s own Jany Delgado won the 2nd Annual Stunner Baby Magazine Swimwear issue 2013 cover model search.  Delgado provided a broad support base of fans that “LIKED” her to the winner’s circle. She generated over 500 who mark “LIKE” on her sizzling swimwear image. This marks the second year that Stunner Baby Magazine sponsored an online cover model search via our Stunner Baby Magazine Facebook supporters.

Delgado was born in the beautiful city of Santa Clara, Cuba. She started her modeling career right after she quit nursing school. Nursing is a beautiful career to help others in their time of need, but to see them suffer as well family members that’s the part that affected her the most. She was never happy in nursing school but elected the career for the salary potential. She realizes her love for fashion and makeup, but never dreamed possible for her to become a model. Delgado’s height and weight were her biggest obstacles. She’s been working on her weight for a while now but still has to lose some a few more inches.

“I never saw myself beautiful, I still don’t, beauty is simply in the eyes of the beholder and I see myself like a regular girl, but now with a passion at heart (modeling).”

SB: Who are the biggest motivators in your modeling career?

JD:  “Without thinking it twice, it would have to be Pitbull (Armando Christian Pérez) the reason why, is very simple. He grew up in Miami in a small apartment in Little Havana, both his parents are Cuban and he encountered problems early in his career, just how I have encounter problems because of my height in modeling as well as my weight. But even though the battle has been tough, I will not give up, I would continue on fighting for what I love. He is my role model; from having nothing to what he is now Mr. Worldwide. I love how he never forgets where he comes from. While I was working in the airport at Miami International Airport, I check his boarding card 3 times always wanting to take a picture but always shy to ask and that is where I also saw that he was humble at heart even with all that fame and that’s very beautiful.”



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