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White Hot Oscars 2015 Looks That Made Us Blush

By | Feb 21, 2015

by Qiana M| ARCHIVES Like the exotic sands of a faraway land, the colors of the moment are blush, white and buff. Spring came early to tinseltown on “Hollywood’s biggest night” in the form of floral embellishment, beading and draping in the season’s softest neutral hues.  Whether adorne...


Year In Review 2013: The Ugly

By | Jan 03, 2014

THE GOOD 2013 | THE BAD 2013 1) TRAYVON MARTIN VERDICT - http://stunnerbabymag.com/3.0/letter-from-the-editor-trayvon-martin-verdict/ 2) CHICAGO GANG VIOLENCE - http://stunnerbabymag.com/3.0/letter-from-the-editor-chicago-gang-violence/ 3) BOSTON MARATHON BOMBING - 4) CLEVELAND ...


Year in Review 2013: The Bad

By | Jan 03, 2014

THE GOOD 2013 | THE UGLY 2013 1)INCOGNITO VS. MARTIN BULLYING - http://stunnerbabymag.com/3.0/letter-from-the-editor-martin-vs-incognito-bullying 2) AARON HERNANDEZ MURDER - http://stunnerbabymag.com/3.0/current-affairs-aaron-hernandez-murder/ 3) R.I.P. CHRIS KELLY - http://stunne...

2013 Year In Review

Year In Review 2013: The Good,The Bad,The Ugly

By | Jan 03, 2014

by Qiana M | Scandalous murder cases, buzzworthy headlines, celebrity babies and blockbuster flicks --- 2013 shocked us, gripped us and either tore at our heart strings or sparked our anger. From the Trayvon Martin murder case and verdict to the birth of the newest royal to record setting movies...

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