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by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES



Height: 5’6
Age: 23
Measurements: 36C-28-36
Ethnicity: Cuban
Hometown: Miami, FL


The summer heat continues to sizzle well into the fall thanks to our stunning September/October cover model, Helena Montesino.  With arresting green eyes, silky long tresses and a 36C-28-36 Coca Cola bottle of classically beautiful Cuban curves, Helena first caught the attention of our creative director from a post made by our contributing photographer, Enrique Romero. The 5’6 beauty pageant queen with an ever growing social media following is no stranger to being the center of attention. Her beauty can be seen all over Miami as a spokesperson for a major cosmetic surgery clinic, a promotional model for many major brands and now just in time to the cover of our “Scandal Issue.”
SBM: How did you start your modeling career? How would you describe your sexy appeal and
HM: “I am Cuban and started modeling when I was 15. Modeling gives me an avenue to express my creativity and talent.”

SBM: What would you consider your sexy attributes that drive your fans crazy? What was your sexiest activity that you’ve participated as a model?
HM: “I believe my sexiest attributes are my eyes and my smile. I have a great personality which captivates those I come in contact with. Needless to say, I have the perfect Latina figure, nice breasts, small waist, and round butt…. do I need to say anything else?”

SBM: What modeling accomplishments have you completed in 2014?
HM: “This year (2014) has been a very important year in my modeling. I have dedicated more time to my modeling and as a result I have participated in several photo shoots including a magazine event. I have been selected to represent a very well known Miami Cosmetic Surgery Clinic as their model and spokeperson. I am also in preparation for several music videos which will take place in this fall.”

SBM: What music video, television, film projects have you’ve participated?
HM: “I have modeled for several publications, like RedHot and Euro Fashion in Miami, FL. I have also modeled with Channel 41 in Miami, FL. I am also getting ready to be featured in several music videos in the South Florida area. In the past I have danced in the Miami Chino &Nacho concert and also with famous Argentinean singer Alejo. I have also worked as a Card Girlfor Miami’s MMA Gladiator Battlefield Championships.”

SB: How does it feel to be featured in Stunner Baby Magazine? How did you hear about us?
HM: “I am very honored to be featured in Stunner Baby Magazine. Several of the models I have worked with have been featured in the magazine and I have been following the magazine on Facebook, Twitter and Internet. Enrique Romero, my photographer, has mentioned it to me several times and recently Qiana M. Davis made a comment on one of my Facebook pictures from a recent Editorial Photo Shoot I did with Enrique; so I went ahead and asked him to submit my name and pictures to the magazine.”

Coverstory September/October 2014 Helena Montesino

Coverstory – Helena Montesino (Enrique Romero Photography)

SBM: What do you do professionally when not modeling?
HM: “Presently, I am working with the cosmetic surgery clinic I mentioned before as their model and spokesperson. I also for two clothing stores in the Miami area in addition to working events with companies like Best Buy etc.

SBM: What advice would you provide to a new model to the modeling game?
HM: “The best advice I can give new models is to set their goals high and drive for them. To continue to develop themselves as the best professionals they can be. To work in such a manner that they will always be proud to be associated with that work. To be thankful and grateful to those who help them and coach them along the way. Life is a circle, what goes around.. comes around.”

SBM: What does it mean to grace the pages of Stunner Baby Magazine? Do you see your modeling career opening up opportunities in radio, television, and reality shows?
HM: “To be featured in Stunner Baby Magazine would mean a great deal to me. I know Stunner Baby Magazine has a great following and the women who have been selected to be feature are talented, smart, and beautiful. To be amongst those women would be a real honor. I see my career moving into radio, television and movies.  In 2009, I entered the Miss Cuban American Festival in Miami, FL and won the Miss Festival Cuba title.  In 2015, I am planning on entering Nuestra Belleza Latina Beauty Pageant.”

SBM: Who are some of your favorite photographers that you’ve worked with?
HM: “I have worked with several photographers in the Miami area like Baron Daparey, Mario Prinsigali, Rafael Acosta and Enrique Romero. I do have to give a shout out to Enrique Romero.  Of all the photographers I have worked with he is certainly the most talented, patient and professional of them all. He has helped me immensely in my modeling career. Has given me great advice, coaching, encouragement and support. If any model in the South and Central Florida area is looking for a consummate professional, Enrique Romero is the one they need to contact. Thank you Enrique for all you have done for me. Love ya!”

SBM: How would you use social media to drive traffic to your interview and notify your fans that follow your career?
HM: “I have a large Facebook and Instagram following. I use both avenues to promote my work. I will be promoting my interview and my Stunner Baby Magazine feature that way.”

Helena Montesino Favorites:

Fragrances: Dior
Food: Pasta
Snacks: Chocolate
Vacation Spots: Disney World
Movies: Romantic movies
Celebrities: Prince Royce
Sports/Teams: Basketball, Miami Heat
Animals: Dogs (Shailo, Ronny)


(Photo Credit: Enrique Romero Photography)

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