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by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES



Height: 5’6 1/2
Age: 48
Measurements: 34DD-26-36
Ethnicity: Black
Hometown: Chicago, IL


Stunner Baby Magazine is very proud, humble, and tremendously thrilled to receive the opportunity to provide an exclusive interview opportunity on the talented, beautiful, exotic and sex appeal driven, Robin “Power” Royal.  “Power” is our March/April 2014 cover girl. She has transcended many levels of stardom in Hollywood before Chicago’s own Salli Richardson and LisaRaye McCoy, arrived years later to make their imprint in the movie entertainment industry in Hollywood.

I’ve had the pleasure of discovering her beauty and dancing skills many years ago at the Taste Entertainment Center nightclub on the Southside of Chicago.  “Power” stood out due to her bold dancing moves, confidence, sex appeal, and ability to mesmerize a large crowd of men and women lusting after her sexuality.

“Back in the day, I provided encouragement to live out her dreams in Hollywood. I had a vision that Soul Train would one day be a part of her life.”  Power starred in a music video by the renowned gangster rap group, N.W.A. (Appetite For Destruction) captures her lighting up the entire short film that will keep you spell bounded.  An in-your-face gangster rap music video of high-voltage reality showcases all of “Power’s” brilliance. “Power” provides an uncensored (R-Rated), bold, and candid look into her fascinating evolution as an ex-NBA wife, movie actress, recording artist, Playboy model, and an eye candy entertainment industry owner. Let’s turn on the switch to unlock the World of Robin Power Royal!

CJ: How did you start your modeling, acting, and dancing career in Chicago? What was your child like growing up in Chicago?  

POWER: “It is a pleasure providing an exclusive interview for Stunner Baby Magazine. I am very excited about the re-launch of my career and featured cover opportunity. I started my modeling career in my twenties from a real close friend, mentor, and ex-boyfriend. I owe a lot to him in preparing my mind to approach a successful modeling career and staying on the right track. He motivated me to prepare myself for each photo shoot, be on time, push my sexuality, and make love to the camera for the ultimate sex appeal. I started acting at Chicago’s Curie and South Shore premiere Performing Arts high schools in all the talent shows. I use to act around the house with my family like the Crosby’s Show. I use to sing and act out characters with my brothers (Reginald & Reynard). We use to sing, “Al Green” songs. Acting is part of a family thing. Also, I am a product of the Boys & Girls Club. I’ve been dancing as high school pom-pom girl at South Shore High School, and any hot dance club with hot beats. “Dancing is in my blood, I’ve been dancing all my life!”

“My childhood was extremely hard. My mother had somewhat of a horrific childhood. The only thing I can say about her is that she was the best mother that she knew how to be. She is a survivor and taught me how to be survivor. I am somewhat of what you might call a product of the streets. My mother was a queen of the streets. She was a gang-banger, dominatrix, drug dealer, a pimp, gun runner for both the El Rukns and Gangster Disciples street gangs growing up on the southeast side of Chicago. Unfortunately, because of her insecurities and because of that the Queen of the streets became a victim to drug abuse. I was that cute little six-year-old girl sent out to play and come back when the streets lights came on. My struggles in Chicago have taught me to survive. I wouldn’t change anything about what I’ve experienced because it has shaped the woman that I am today.”

CJ: Why do you feel this is the perfect time to relaunch your acting, modeling, reality show, and music career?  What direction do you want to take your career?  What was it like working as an actor in Hollywood?

POWER: “Well! I feel that it is a perfect time to re-launch my acting, modeling, reality show and music career because “I feel that the world is finally ready for me.” I truly do feel that I was before my time. So now, I feel you guys have finally caught up. The direction that I would like to go with my career including acting, reality television, modeling and music along with fashion is the adult entertainment world. I have a production company named, Chocolatetiger Productions which specialize in all of these areas. It is time for the world to have a multicultural empire that is able to present adult music, exotica, photos, movies, play toys, fashions for adults to enhance their sexual relationships and their own sexuality. Thus, hopeful more procreation in the world! It was absolutely wonderful acting in Hollywood. A childhood dream came true. I was in the movie, “Graffiti Bridge” as a lead actress with Prince. The movie was the sequel to “Purple Rain.” I played, Morris Day’s girlfriend and the daughter of Billy who own the club in Purple Rain. Also, I appeared in “Coming to America” (Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, James Earl Jones) and “House Party” (Kid & Play, Tisha Campbell, Martin Lawrence). It has been a wonderful rollercoaster ride.”

“The thing about all of this is that it is the beginning of the next segment of my life because I have barely scratched the surround of all the things I plan to do in this entertainment industry. So look out for Chocolatetiger Productions because there’s a “TIGER” on the loose  LOL.”


CJ: What insightful details can you share with your fans about working in his films, touring, and living with Prince? How long did you tour? What countries? What doors opened appearing in his movies?

POWER: “I’ve learned how to make a movie while working on “Graffiti Bridge.” It taught me a lot about lighting, set design, actor preparation, and cast dynamics. I studied how Prince interacted with his entire cast and created a role in the film for me. The original script didn’t include my character, so I was honored that he recognized something special in my talent to include me in such a major film project. Touring was such a fantasy! It was a roller coaster dream ride coming true. I had such a fabulous time with him. We traveled to Paris and London. In London, we performed before 75,000 people chanting my name at Wembley Stadium. Prince urged the crowd on, while I danced to every beat. Actually, I didn’t exactly live with Prince but spent a lot of time at Parsley Park studio, and at his home at the Purple mansion. Prince and I spent a lot of time together, once I relocated from Los Angeles. I actually lived at a Minneapolis hotel for awhile, and later shared an apartment with roommates. Playboy… Playboy opened a major door that opened up after filming, “Graffiti Bridge.” Prince called Playboy to let them know he wanted me in the magazine. Playboy built a $10,000 set for my photo shoot. I’ve appeared in four romance videos and two major photo shoots. Working with Playboy, was a dream come true. I had been fantasizing about working for Playboy since the tender age of 16.”

CJ: What was life like as an ex-NBA wife? What were some of the pros and cons of an NBA wife’s world?  How did you deal with all the NBA gold-diggers?

POWER: “My ex-husband (Donald Royal) played for the National Basketball Association’s Minnesota Timberwolves, San Antonio Spurs, Golden State Warriors, Orlando Magic and played overseas. Life as an NBA wife was back to normal. I walked away from that situation back to Chicago with three bags of clothing and $20.00. Being an ex-NBA wife provided plenty of accolades when discussing my experience. Prior to my marriage, I was a former Chicago Bulls Cheerleader dancing as a Chicago Luvabulls. I’ve been involved in the NBA for a number of years. Some of the pros of being an NBA wife is the notoriety, money, success, and being able to travel to places you never been before. Also, buying the things you always wanted to have. It was a wonderful experience! I love a very athletic man that stays in shape. I love going to the games and being part of a family of winners and strivers. People that want to be the best. I really enjoyed the lifestyle, and wouldn’t trade it for the world!”

Gold-diggers… There is a difference between a groupie and a gold-digger. Let’s not forget beautiful women in search of the best in life. They make sure they put themselves in a position that they meet someone that can support them financially, take care of children, provide for a family, athletically fit, and some women like “giants” needing a whole lot of man to handle a whole lot something! Trust me I can relate. Yes! There are Gold-diggers in the NBA. There were young ladies around me all the time. Some were my friends, most were my lovers since I am bisexual. I really enjoyed their company. It was very easy to gather wonderful harem of beautiful women. It was very simple thing which I enjoyed, prior to becoming an NBA wife but the gold-diggers are the ones who pretend to be your friend but they really want to push you off a cliff to take your place. Unfortunately, as kind as I was, I still had those leeches and bloodsuckers around me. I’m just glad God reveal to me who they really represent. I’m moving on to create new chapters in my life. To be honest, I love groupies over gold-diggers any day. Groupies show tremendous loyalty and dedication!”

5) How would you describe your experience as a famed Soul Train dancer?  How did you make it to the main platform to be view by millions on Soul Train? How many years did you dance? What were some of your memorable moments with Don Cornelius? 

POWER: “I had a magnificent experience dancing on Soul Train. I remember when I was a little girl like so many of us glued to the television on Saturday morning to watch, Soul Train. I remember as a little girl being raised without a father in the home, so (Don Cornelius) was like this Saturday morning daddy or babysitter. Don Cornelius was like a godfather image to me. He was a powerful role model on television showcasing our talents of our people. I really appreciated being given the opportunity to dance on the platform. When I moved to Los Angeles, I danced at various nightclubs where a lot of dancers from Soul Train frequent. I became friends with some of the dancers who took me down to Soul Train as a guest. As soon as I got there I walked directly up to the coordinator name (Eric) on the first day, I told him that I was from Chicago. I ask him if I could dance on the platform, “He said what makes you think you deserve to dance on the platform?” I said because I am from Chicago; that’s where Soul Train started, and thirdly, I am a really good dancer and deserve to be on the platform. He said wait a minute while he spoke with Don. Eric said, Don would like to see what you can do. He instructed me to dance on the floor near the famous Soul Train Scramble Board. I started dancing, within 3 minutes (Eric) came rushing over to inform me that I can dance on the platform. So it took me 3 minutes to show, Don Cornelius that I was worthy to be on the platform as a famed Soul Train platform dancer. I danced on Soul Train for two seasons because we shot over the summer. My most memorable moment with (Don Cornelius) was when I was leaving to go to Minneapolis, Minnesota to live and record at Parsley Park Records with Prince. He walked up to congratulate me, said he was very proud of me while putting his hand on my shoulder he said that, “You’re going to would be bigger than, (R&B/Pop singer) Jody Whatley ever was!” Jody Whatley was one of his protégés, so I really took that as the most ultimate compliment. I am not here to take anything away from Jody Whatley’s brilliant career but I don’t plan to want let him down.”

CJ: How would you describe your career as a famed music video vixen?  How many music videos did you appear in?  What was it like to work with Ice Cube, Young MC?

POWER: “I didn’t claim a lot of fame as a music video model. A lot of people never realized that I appeared in over 18 music videos. My versatility provided me opportunities on Soul Train; working with Ice Cube, and Young MC’s music video projects. I never acquired fame in music videos because no one could ever connect me from project-to-project. But if you think about it, I’ve been seen by millions over the years with my appearances on Soul Train and appearing in major movies.”

CJ: How would you describe you exotic beauty and sexuality?  How do you manage to keep your (size 3) shapely figure?  How does it feel to have both men and women desire your beauty, sex appeal, and love?

POWER: “I would describe my beauty as God-given. My mother possibly procreated with a handsome man to pre-arrange how I looked. She wanted and prayed for an angel with light-skin with long flowing hair and attractive features. I’ve never met my biological father. My sexuality is very natural. I was born sexy which has always attracted people to my beauty. I keep my shapely figure due to dancing, strict seafood vegetation diet (no animals), stay active, get plenty of rest, and keep moving because fat loves an inactive person. I am very proud to have my same size 3 figure. I am a dancer at Atlantis Gentlemen’s Club (Chicago) which keeps me active daily. I’ve had this same figure since I was 17 years old. I take a great deal of proud in this lifelong accomplishment. I love that people love me and want to be around me. I’ve had meaningful relationships, friendships, and sexual relationships with some interesting people. I am very comfortable with my sexuality. No! I am not a groupie! I have had many sexual partners due to there personalities traits such as celebrities, businessmen, female and male eye candy, and regular guys who make me laugh. If you ever want to know the truth about me, just ask!”

 CJ: How would you describe your daughter’s accomplishments in her life?  Is she currently taking classes to become a hair stylist? What was it like raising a daughter in the limelight of being a celebrity?

POWER: “I am very proud of my daughter. She’s grown into a confident, faithful, athletically focused, and independent young woman. Yes! She is studying to be a hair stylist. She’s wonderful with hair, beauty, fashion, poetry with a blend of street and book smarts. While growing up a baby in an NBA household, it didn’t effect my daughter’s growth or personality. She’s very proud of both her mother and father’s accomplishments. It has motivated her due to her parents’ ability to strive for a dream and accomplish great results.”


Robin “Power” Royal Favorites:
Fragrances: Angel
Food: Sushi, Salmon
Snacks: Ice cream with chocolate
Vacation Spots: Paradise Island (Atlantis Bahamas)
Movies: “Coming to America”, “Graffiti Bridge”
Cars: Masetrati, Rose Royce
R&B/Rap/Pop Artists: R. Kelly, Drake, Usher, Katy Perry, Madonna
Books: The Bible, “Blood of the Lamb”
Reality Shows: “The Making of an Empire, Power Royal.”

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