Featured Model: Chanel Adair

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by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES


Height: 5’7
Age: 26
Measurements: 36C-32-40
Ethnicity: Black, Italian, French
Hometown: San Francisco, CA


You may have seen her at a promotional event in the Bay Area  but if you’re not familiar with Golden Gate beauty, Chanel Adair be prepared to know her name. A creamy mix of Black, Italian and French, the model with the luxurious name and sexy frame is taking no prisoners starting with an upcoming feature as XXL Magazine’s Web Candy of the Month for October.  In the midst of showcasing her curves for the infamous hip hop publication, Chanel stopped through to talk her hour glass figure , persistence and master plan to becoming a household name. 

SB: How is your modeling career progressing over the last year? Provide details of all your featured magazine appearances, print, fashion shows, contests, and promotional work.

CA: “The last year has been insane! I went from just doing a few promotional events once in a while to being in magazines and music videos. I recently was featured as XXL Web Candy for October. I also have a spread for next month’s Kurves N Cakez Decades issue, I am their Ms. Millennium. I’ve appeared a few music videos such as CRSB and Cel One.  I do a lot of 420 Events at Cannabis Cup and Hemp Fest.”

SB: What are your sexiest attributes? Why do they drive your male fans crazy?
CA: “I would say my sexiest attributes would have to be my thick thighs, smile and eyes. I think what make my male fans go crazy would be the thick thighs and curves, that’s what a real man wants, a woman who is has a nice hour glass figure, that’s a real woman body.”

Chanel Adair

Chanel Adair

SB: How do you feel to be featured in Stunner Baby Magazine? How do you plan to spread the word?
CA: “I’m honored! I was so happy when I got the news. I’ll be posting all over my FB, instagram, and giving copies to friends and family. Everyone should be picking up a copy!”

SB: What advice would you give to a model starting her career? 
CA: “You need persistence and patience to be your guide. There were times where I would have a month and had no photo shoots set up or any inquiries for me for modeling but then the next month, I would be booked back to back. BE very selective, not necessarily taking any job or working with just anyone. A lot of opportunities will get thrown at you and you have to figure of what is a smart business move and what’s not because it is your career you have to protect and make sure its moving in the right direction.”

SB: What can you tell your fans that they don’t know? 
CA: “I love being silly and spontaneously acting. I have always been a person who will get in silly mode and turn on a different accent. I’ll make different characters with different accents and will go a whole day talking like a “Southern Belle” just to watch people’s reactions.”

Chanel Adair’s Favorites:
Food: Steak and Potatoes
Snack: Candy
Cars: 71 Chevy SS, 69 Cameo Z28
Movie: “Scarface”, “Goodfellas”, “Casino”
Fragrances: Vera Wang Princess
Vacation Spots: Lake Tahoe, Hawaii Waikoloa


Photo Credits: Brilliant Moments Photography by Javier Ovalles, Edward Jefferson Photography






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