Featured Model: Jen Capone

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Measurements: 34C-25-38
Age: 25
Hometown: Miami, FL
Ethnicity: Cuban


SB: How did you start your modeling career?
JC: “I first started modeling about 6 years ago doing adult content.”

SC: How would you describe your sex appeal and beauty?What is your definition of a successful model?
JC: “I would describe my sex appeal and beauty as a person that stands out among a group — unique, different.
A successful model is someone who is dedicated, serious, and bringing longevity.”

SC: What action plans are you taking to build a successful modeling?
JC: “Promote my self, letting your name be known posting and updating profile, getting published in well known magazines and projects.”

SC: Who currently helps guide and mastermind your career moves?
JC: “Personally I think there is no one better than your self, and those people whom you come across.”

SC: What fitness, music video, acting, or modeling accomplishments have you completed in 2014-2015? 
JC: “As far as fitness, I work out every morning for 1 hour. I eat very lean (chicken, fish, turkey.)  I was published in Donk Low Ride Magazine. A super fun shoot!”

SC: What advice would you give to a model starting in the urban modeling industry?
JC: “Be easy going and have great personality. Be on time and never flake on a photographer or producers.”

SC: What are some of the things you love and hate about being a beautiful model in this crazy industry?
JC: “The great part is you travel a lot see new places  and try new things.  The down side is you never have enough time and are always on the run.”


SC: How do you deal with all the haters ?
JC: “I don’t worry about them.  You always need haters.  That’s how you know your doing your thing!”

SC: How does it feel to be featured in Stunner Baby Magazine?
JC: “It will be a great accomplishment — something new to have as a model.”

SC: How did your hear about us?                                                                                                                                              JC: “A great photographer friend of mine spoke to me about it.”

SC: What type of training program do you have to put your body through to reach optimum results? What type of diet do you have to maintain to keep your stunning body and great looks?
JC: “I love food! I eat everything lol. Sweets are the way to get to my heart.”

SC: What college did you attend? What was your major? What is your professional corporate experience?
JC: “I attended Miami Dade College and majored in Health Care.”

SC: Who are some of your favorite photographers that you’ve worked?
JC: “Everyone that I work with has their own unique work.”

SC: How would you use social media to drive traffic to your interview and notify your fans that follow your career?
JC: “Word of mouth and Model mayhem.”

SC: Please tell your fans something that they might not know about you?
JC: “I have great personality but sometimes I’m shy.”

SC: This topic has popularized our news for the last six months.  What is your reaction to the recent police brutality of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, Sandra Bland, etc?                                        JC: “I believe the police are the ones causing all the issues.  They are acting inappropriately on purpose.”

Jen Capone Favorites
Fragrance: Prada
Food: Yellow rice and chicken with sweet plantains
Snacks: National Valley granola bars
Vacation spot: Venice
Car: Mercedes Benz
Animal: Pandas
Reality show: “House of Medicine”


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