Featured Model: Melissa Mixon

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by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES

Melissa Mixon

Melissa Mixon


Height: 5’5
Age: 30
Measurements: 34-27-36
Ethnicity: Trinidadian
Hometown: Hollywood, FL


Sassy Melissa Mixon is a 5’2 petite dynamo wrapped in a creamy complected bow.  The savvy business woman turned model has a knack for making women beautiful with her passion while driving all the men wild with the beauty. This sexy entrepreneur has begun making a name for herself making promotional appearances, product spokesmodeling and movie cameos.  Stunnerbaby caught up with Ms. Mixon on her quest to be internationally known and discovers why good things come in small packages.

SB: How is your modeling career progressing over the last year?
MM: “Within the last year I have modeled in a fashion and wig runway show to raise awareness and funds to support women with cancer. The event was held through Pretty Laces Pretty Faces, LLC located in Tampa, Florida. The proceeds were used to purchase lace wigs and given to cancer patients. I have also done promotional modeling with HSN for skincare and cosmetics, and have recently opened my own spa as a certified aesthetician and photo-therapy technician. There was an event held in Kissimmee, Florida, which I modeled for a car and bike show and danced live at the Silver Spurs Arena. Florida Glam Jam magazine has featured me for April’s 2013 discovery of the month. I also performed as an extra for Spring Breakers starring Selena Gomez and Investigators filmed in St.Petersburg, Fl. Cash Magazine out of Orlando selected to feature me on their online edition. Recently, I competed and promoted to earn a spotlight feature in Tampa’s Night Moves magazine at the Gold’s Club located in Florida. The photos can be seen in this October’s issue.”

SB: What are your sexiest attributes that drive your male fans crazy?
MM: “One of my sexist attributes would be my small waist, hips, and ripened derriere. Big things come in small packages and I am definitely packing delicious goodies that drive the men “Oh, so wild!”

SB: How does it feel to be featured in Stunner Baby Magazine? How will you spread the word?
MM: “I’m actually very thrilled to be featured in Stunner Baby Magazine. I have always dreamed of modeling as a child and now I’m really doing it! I will just spread the word by telling all the people I have collaborated and worked with such as photographers, friends, family, and colleagues.”

SB: What advice would you give to a model starting her career?
MM: “The best advice that I can give to up coming models is get everything a person tells you in writing. A lot of people will promise you the world in this business but just always be prepared and only do business with people who write you out a contract instead of only selling you a dream with no paper work involved.”

SB: What can you tell your fans that they don’t know?
MM: “Some of my fans may or may not know that I am running a business for skin care and body sculpting. I hope to have my own skincare and cosmetic line some day. I have a natural passion for beauty, health, and wellness. If you are interested in skin care and wellness issues check out my blog on my website at http://www.luminousaesthetics.com.   I am the process of turning my spa into a franchise and I would like to see my company expand all over the world and become internationally known. At times when things get overwhelming, I’m the type of female who likes to smoke on Cuban cigars dipped in Grand Marnier. Not very many people know that about me.”

Melissa Mixon Favorites:
Food: Mediterranean food
Interests: Belly dancing art, poetry, and smoking on hookahs at times.
Movie: “Meet Joe Black”
Book: “Rainbow Diet”
Her Sexiest Body Part(s): Small waist, hips and booty


Photo Credits: Photography by Drew Divine




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