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Height: 5′8
Measurements: 36C-34-43
Age: 26
Hometown: Miami, FL
Ethnicity: Haitian


Luscious lips surrounded by a brown sugar complexion is Haitian dream Vivienne Fulton’s claim to fame. The self proclaimed “Haitian Barbie” goes by the name “Ms. Vibe” and we here at Stunnerbaby are feeling her energy. When she is not hypnotizing minds in front of the camera lens of famed glamour photographer Enrique Romero, the 5’8 island gal is either getting in tune with nature or keeping her curvaceous frame fit with pole dancing. Take a peek and hear how Ms.Vibe works her magic.

SB: What would you consider your sexy attributes that drive your fans crazy?
MV:“I would say my eyes and my lips.”

SB: What is the sexiest activity have you participated?
MV: “Pole dancing is one of the sexiest activities I’ve been involved in.”

SB: How does it feel to be featured in Stunner Baby Magazine? How did you hear about
MV: “I heard about Stunner Baby Magazine through the internet and my favorite photographer Enrique

SB: What type of cell phone or tablet are you representing? What do you love about your
phone or tab let technology?
MV: “Presently I have an LG Optimums, I love it, and it’s very simple but sleek and has great app
features and other cool things I enjoy.”

SB: What advice would you provide to a new model to the modeling game?
MV:“Believe in yourself or no one else will. Be the best at everything you do and it will work out for
you sooner than later.”

SB: Do you have any tattoos and what do they mean?
MV: “I have a lot of tattoos, mostly butterflies because I’m a nature girl and have always been in love
with butterflies, flowers and things of that nature.”

SB: How did you start your modeling career? How would you describe your sexy appeal
and beauty?
MV:“I started modeling a few years ago working with an agency doing a few shoots and runway, also
a few movie auditions. My sex appeal is very diverse, I can be innocent like the doll that I am, then there is my kinky, flirty, sensual and naughty side; but when you think you have seen it all the hardcore side shows up very sexy but dominant and always in control.”

SB: What would you consider your sexy attributes that drive your fans crazy?
MV: “My sexy attribute that drive my fans crazy are my lips and my eyes, they are irresistible.”


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(Photo Credit: Enrique Romero Photography)

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