Featured Model: Yanelis Vargas

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Height: 5′4
Measurements: 36-24-34
Age: 33
Hometown: Havana, Cuba
Ethnicity: Cuban


Stunner Baby Magazine is excited to introduce the exotic driven Cuban beauty Yanelis Vargas. Vargas started modeling career at the age of 18. While build her confidence she landed an opportunity to model with the world renowned John Casablanca Modeling Agency. Vargas success as a model landed her opportunities in a variety of genres on Channel 41 Miami and Univision 23, including a radio program with the renounced Cuban radio hostess Aleida Leal. Let’s take a closer look into this alluring eye-candy’s life.

SB: What would you consider your sexy attributes that drive your fans crazy?
YV: “My personality is one of the attributes that make me sexy and drive my fans crazy. I love to smile and make those around me smile. I also have the Latin sex appeal which usually strikes men as very sensual and sexy.”

SB: What modeling accomplishments have you completed in 2013-14?
YV: “I have done several modeling and hosting jobs in Miami. In reinforcing my singing career, I’ve been singing in different venues throughout the Naples and Ft Myers, Florida area.”

SB: What is the sexiest activity have you participated?
YV: “In the last year I have done several very sexy and nude boudoir photo shoots.”

SB: How does it feel to be featured in Stunner Baby Magazine? How did you hear about us?
YV: “I have followed Stunner Baby Magazine for a while now. I would feel honored to be part of the Stunner Baby Magazine family. I first heard about Stunner Baby Magazine in the internet through Model Mayhem.”


SB: What type of cell phone or tablet are you representing? What do you love about your phone or tab let technology? 
YV: “I have a Samsung and an IPad table. I love the access they give me to the internet, to take pictures and to communicate with all my friends.”

SB: What advice would you provide to a new model to the modeling game?
YV: “Always keep positive vibes and belief. There are always people that like to bring you down or are jealous of all your success, ignore people like that. Know what you want and go after it.”

SB: Where has you performed as an accomplish singer?
YV: “As a singer I have performed in many events, such as the famous Carnivals in Calle Ocho, Miami, FL known for its music and Latin flavor. Also, I have performed in Mango’s Cafe in South Beach, FL, El Guajiro Restaurant, Los Ranchos and many entertainment venues in the Miami area. Miami saw me grow as a singer and opened many doors so that I could develop my singing talent and career.”

Yanelis Vargas’ Favorites:
Fragrance: Coco Chanel
Food: Cuban, Italian, American
Vacation Spot: Tropical islands, Beaches
Cars: BMW
Celebrity: Sofia Vergara



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