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by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES

Sweetz Fly aka Andrea


Height: 5’6
Measurements: 36-24-40
Age: 20s
Hometown: Atlanta, GA
Ethnicity: Italian, Irish, Portuguese, American Indian


Nothing satisfies our sweet tooth quite like voluptuous Atlanta native, Andrea.  The Southern peach known as Sweetz Fly is a tantalizing melting pot of European, Latin and American heritage poured into one brickhouse frame. Ambitious as she is beautiful, the 36-24-40 cutie talks shop about her humble model beginnings and how she’s putting the “H” in hustla with her various print and TV appearances. Find out why flaming red tresses and natural curves aren’t the only things making our mouths water about this buxom beauty.

CJ: How did you start your modeling career? How would you describe your sex appeal and beauty?

SF: “I actually started my career just wanting to take some pictures for a boyfriend. The photographer encouraged me to submit them and I did and I’ve been modeling ever since. I would describe my sex appeal and beauty starting with my eyes.  The way I connect with people, you can see the confidence in my eyes. You have to be comfortable with yourself in order to be comfortable with other people.”

CJ: What would you consider your sexy attributes that drive your fans crazy? What was your sexiest activity that you’ve participated as a model?

SF: “My sexiest attribute that drive my fans crazy have to be my breasts.  People always ask me if they are fake lol but they are not.  They are all mine! The sexiest activity I’ve done as a model was a shoot for GEI Magazine with another female for the football edition.”

CJ: What modeling accomplishments have you completed in 2014?

SF: “I released my first calendar from my own company “Sexy Hustlaz of the World” this past year that was one of biggest accomplishments.  I’ve made in my career thus far!”

CJ: What music video, television, film projects have you’ve participated?

SF: “I’ve participated in a few local artist videos as well as appearances on BETs “The Game” Season 7 & 8 and Tyler Perry’s “The Have and Have Nots” Season 2. Looking to get into more television and film work this year.”

CJ: How does it feel to be featured in Stunner Baby Magazine? How did your hear about us?

SF: “Its an honor to be featured in this publication thank you for allowing me to grace your pages. The photographer who shot these specific shots is named Marques. He’s great. We put our ideas together and made it an awesome shoot.”

Sweetz Fly aka Andrea

Sweetz Fly aka Andrea | Photo Credit: Marque

CJ: What is your opinion on the injustice in the Michael Brown and Eric Garner grand jury decisions on police murders?

SF: “In my opinion black, white, yellow, orange, red or blue, no matter what color you are justice needs to be done for wrongful doings. I’m so disappointed with our government and it hurts. The reactions of the people are not acceptable. People think that all the crap they are doing is right but its not. Its just as bad as the cops getting away with murder.”

CJ: What advice would you provide to a new model to the modeling game?

SF: “Don’t be fooled by the flashy cars and the luxury lifestyle, it takes hard work to get in front of that camera and take the right pose so the photographer can get the perfect angle and perfect shot.  Treat your body right by working out if not everyday, at least 3 to 4 times a week. Eat right as well. Your skin needs to be as smooth as possible.”

CJ: What does it mean to grace the pages of Stunner Baby Magazine? Do you see your modeling career opening up opportunities in radio, television, and reality shows?

SF: “As I stated earlier, it’s an honor to grace the pages of your publication. I appreciate the opportunity you have given me. I would love to do more radio, television as well as reality shows. They are all great opportunities.”

CJ: What college did you attend? Major? Professional corporate experience?

SF: “I started at Teikyo Post University in CT and majored in Sports Management. Then I transferred to SUNY Maritime in NY and majored in Mathematics with a minor in International Transportation and Trade. I worked for Marriott International. I started as a room service operator and made my way up to the front office.”

CJ: Who are some of your favorite photographers that you’ve worked?

SF: “One of my favorites is Marques, who I’ve recently met and shot with for this publication. I also loved working with Atlanta photographer, IQue.”

CJ: How would you use social media to drive traffic to your interview and notify your fans that follow your career?

SF: “Promotion is a big part of making people recognize you as long as support yourself and get a good group of friends that are willing to support you too. I ENCOURAGE REPOSTING! LOL”


Photo Credit: Marque; Make-up Credit: Ramona Coleman

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