Hotsauce: Taliah M

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by Claude Julian | ARCHIVES

Taliah M

Taliah M


Height: 5’2
Age: 26
Measurements: 36C-25-38
Ethnicity: Black
Hometown: Newport News, VA


Smoldering bedroom eyes and steel determination to succeed is what drives Newport stunner, Taliah M and what drives us wild.  The pecan complected cutie has already werked runways for urban brands Indigo Red and Azzure in her hometown alongside the likes of Trey Songz.  For the “Buzzworthy Issue” Ms. Muhammed stirs up more buzz with arresting images with her tantalizing…

SB: How is your modeling career progressing?
TM: “My career is progressing slowing but steady. Patience seems to be the ultimate key to success. Faith is what drives me without it; I would have given up a long time ago. I started off doing fashion shows for Azzure and Indigo Red at our annual Aframfest hosted by Ralph Reynolds, the Fierz Trends Extravaganza hosted by and Trey Songz directed by John Eley as well as the Denim Exchange, and Battle of the Barbers. I have appeared in a few magazines such as Bad Magazine Online, Melodream Magazine, and Upskale Artistry in addition to my feature in Stunner Magazine. I competed in the Ms.103 Jams Radio contest as well. I have been truly blessed and humbled to take part in them all since they’ve helped to mold me into the person I am today. “

SB: What are some of your sexy attributes that drive your male fans crazy?
TM: “My sexiest attribute would have to be my smile and alluring eyes definitely drives my male fans wild.”

SB: How do you feel being featured in Stunner Magazine?
TM: “I feel honored to be featured in Stunner Magazine. It’s been a long time coming.  I’ve always admired the beautiful women you  featured so to be among them is a blessing.  I would LOVE to be on the cover I mean who wouldn’t right?? Lol”

SB: What advice would you give to a model starting her career?
TM: “My advice to models starting out is to know yourself, your sexy style, your direction, and stick to your guns. Networking is the key to landing jobs with maximum exposure. Be professional at all times and create interesting images that tell a story and capture the imagination.”

SB: Tell your fans something they don’t know about you?
TM: “I come from a big family consisting of eight siblings on my mother’s side and eight siblings on father’s side. My family is my life and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I still think we would make one hell of a sitcom if I say so myself.  If a guy wants to date me, he has to get their approval first. I am a sucker for a funny guy though. I love to laugh.”

Taliah M Favorites:
Food: Homemade Baked Macaroni & Cheese and Pizza
Snacks: Pomegranates, Kiwi, Mangos, and Cantaloupe etc.
Cars: Range Rover
Movies: “The Help”, “The Butler”, “Limitless”, “Butterfly Effect”, Tyler Perry and Kevin Hart Movies.
Fragrances: Flowerbomb by Viktor Rolfe & Pink Sugar oil.
Sports: Track
Vacation Spot: Las Vegas


Photo Credits: Darryl B





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